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  • j_four_d j_four_d Jul 7, 2009 4:26 PM Flag

    QWAK,SMACK up side the HEAD!

    Yo duck... It doesn't matter the sleightest whether we warn people or not. It is STILL a HISTORICAL FACT that people do not control their own destiny, NO MATTER WHAT THEY THINK OR DO!!!!! They WILL FOLLOW HISTORY!!!!! They are more than slaves to monsters that rule them, they are slaves unto themselves, and ultimately they are slaves as far has HISTORIC prescedent goes. History always repeats itself, and people will always do just as their ancestors before them have done, only each time they do, they just follow the 80 to 100 year generational cycle and make everything worse right up until the final collapse. Let anyone prove otherwise. It can't be done. In order to look back, slaves would have to read their history books. But ignoring and denying is easier. This is the most lazy generation in this country's history, and slicker people who know better are taking full advantage of unschooled and non-caring ignorant people. End of story. It cannot be stopped. KAPUT! :(

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