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  • uglyduck555 uglyduck555 Nov 14, 2009 8:43 AM Flag


    QWAK,J4D,As the humongus FRAUD unravels, it just gets more OBVIOUS that the GOVERNMENTS and BANKERS have been doing EVERY THING posable to make the public BELIEVE they have the "PEOPLES GOLD" safe and secure, so pople will continue to use the TOTALY BOGUS FIAT currencis all of them have been issuing like the GOLD in there vaults was MULTIPLYING like RABITS or at least a GOLDEN GOOSE or two laying GOLDEN EGGS daily! :(

    At the very highist levels that makes the Madoff and World Com scams look like grade school PRANKS by children who discovered they could GAME the soda macheans in the school cafiteria with SLUGS and washers!

    The goal was/IS to hide and disguise the GREATER REALITY that the US DOLLAR especialy --- but ALL of the FIAT currencies are WAY passed WORTHLESS and just keep the SCAM/HOAX going as long as posable! :(

    When a CURRENCY is ONLY backed by DUMB TRUST and FAITH -- GREED can and DOES --- turn to FEAR and MISTRUST very QUICKLY! When the population also finds out that the GOLD in the ETFs and both CENTRAL BANKS and MAJOR INVESTMENT BANKS is ALSO BOGUS -- very BAD things are and will continue to HAPPEN! :(

    The next 12 to 18 months is going to DEVISTATE the GLOBAL ECONOMIC world WAY more than the current bad situations the public is some what awair of in BAD HOME MORTAGAGES and the NOW second wave of COMERCIAL Mortagages!!!

    At the very highist levels they (the powers that be) are trying to KEEP the LID on this issue and are doing there BEST to try and distract people all over the world with lots of other ALSO BOGUS ISSUES -- from H1N1 to Iran and there BOMB and North Korea and the WAR on TERROR Etc. etc. --- but the TRUTH and GREATER REALITY of FRAUD by the GOVERNMENTS and the BANKERS that OWN the GOVERNMENTS is coming out and can no longer be COVERED UP! :(

    J4D -- we did our BEST to try and WARN people -- WE have NO BLOOD on our hands -- but just the same -- the ECONOMIC SLAUTER will CONTINUE, in fact it has just bairly started! :(

    the DUCK

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    • Re: J4D -- we did our BEST to try and WARN people -- WE have NO BLOOD on our hands -- but just the same -- the ECONOMIC SLAUGHTER will CONTINUE, in fact it has just barely started! :(

      Yo duck... we sure did! But when anyone persists in denying the truth, they can only seal their own fate that will surely take a tremendous toll on them... financially, mentally and physically. Ignorance is one thing... but stubborness is like a childs temper tantrum. Some children will even go so far as deliberately hurting themselves, hoping to get sympathy from their mother. That won't cure them from doing it again though. The only cure is through punishment, or 'tough love', where their mother teaches them a lesson to hopefully change bad and destructive behavior. The market teaches hard lessons too... but has no love for it's victims as if it was their mother. Ignorance of the markets is not an excuse, any more than ignorance of the law is an excuse. Ignore a stop sign, and you might get a traffic ticket, or worse, you might crash and get severely hurt, or possibly killed! So far, everyone still has freedom of choice. But the noose is tightening, and the future is beginning to show fewer and fewer free choices available, because of oppressive government regulations, mandates and out-of-control tax increases. Give up your freedom of choice, and you become a slave to your master. But let us all thank God, that as of today, we still have our freedom of choice!

      GOLD...... 1135 :)

      S&P 500... 1110 :(

      Who wooda thunk it? :)

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      • QWAK,J4D,Just the HINT that there may be BOGUS 400 OZ GOOD DELIVERY BARS out there in GREAT numbers is enough to ROCK the GLOBAL financial world to its FOUNDATIONS!

        They can't put THAT CAT back in the BAG!

        They will ultimitly have to AUDIT both Fort Knox and ALL the central banks and put there CARDS on the TABLE!

        IT is time to see WHO is BLUFING and WHO has extra ACES!

        It is at times like this that HIGH STAKES poker games get UGLY -- GUNS -- knives -- BLOOD and people get HURT real bad! :(

        Best NOT to be in the GAME or even the CASENO when that happens!:)

        The whole DAMNED CASENO is IMPLODING -- best to watch it on TV -- in a LAZY BOY -- perhaps having Beer and Pizza! :)

        the DUCK

    • Surely, Duck, Private Pyle and you can do better. Work on it. Massage it. Then post a more believable story without the glaring story holes (shipping papers? I don't need no stinkin' shipping papers - show me what was shipped!). I do so like a good bedtime story - please provide it.

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