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  • uglyduck555 uglyduck555 Nov 13, 2009 10:36 AM Flag


    QWAK,Some months back I posted a story about some BOGUS 400 OZ. GOOD DELIVERY GOLD BARS turning up that were actualy TUNGSTON with a very thick coating of PURE .999 GOLD and having all the right numbers and proof marks. Thease bars are what central banks use and other very MAJOR buyers and sellers of physical gold use --- think the FED GOLD ETFs and FORT KNOX here!!!

    Well now the story gets MUCH BIGER because there are REAL suspitions that there may be as much as or perhaps even MORE than 60 TONNS of BOGUS 400 OZ GOOD DELIVERY BARS out there and the GOLD ETFs may be holding a lot of GOLD that AINT realy GOLD!! :(

    The mainstream media is totaly OBLIVIOUS of this thing that is happening in the back ground but the IMPLICATIONS are HUGE and extreamly EXPLOCIVE as it involves the FED,J P MORGAN,GOLDMAN Sacks and virtualy all of the CENTRAL BANKS!

    the DUCK

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    • I've read no confirmed stories. Duck, please provide the factual basis for your post.

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      • QWAK,canucanoe,The mass media is owned and operated by the same people doing the FRAUD/SCAM -- to expect them to even mention it, is like expecting a MASS MURDERER to take out a full page add in the WALL STREET JURNAL explaining HOW and WARE the crimes were commited and there CLEVER idea of GRINDING up the BODIES and selling the MEAT to McDonalds as QUORTER POUNDER patties! :(

        One has to DIG DEEP and pour over and compair boring public records over many years and file requests for information that may take YEARS to get and is usualy REDACTED so most of the reports are just BLACK lines on the pages! :(

        The information IS out there and J4D and my self, have from time to time found and shared the NUGETS we have found -- ONLY to have both of us being INSULTED and DEFAMED for our efforts to HELP others AVOID the ECONOMIC DISASTER we are NOW seeing all around us -- but LIKE a MAJOR FLOOD -- not one in a million knows HOW or WHY it is happening.:(

        the DUCK

      • sizzy frenchy Konu told the duck "I've read no confirmed stories. Duck, please provide the factual basis for your post"

        do a google search on ur own sizzy frenchy Konu

        whatz the matter too much effort 4 u

        r ur fingers broken

        get a life frenchy

        quit picken on the best poster on this message board frenchy

      • QWAK,IF they AUDIT the FED the SCAM/HOAX will be OBVIOUS and it will be GAME OVER for the US DOLLAR and the GLOBAL FIAT system!! :(

        the DUCK

    • Yo duck... and it's getting nearly impossible for those people who bought gold contracts with the intention of taking delivery at the futures contract expiration, to get them delivered. There's been so much fraud by the brokers and record keeping of who owns what that's supposed to be stored in the bullion bank vaults, that they've found as many as five names listed as owners of a single 100oz gold bar. It's been repeated so many times over, that it can't be figured out anymore. Isn't it nice to be able to just sit back and know that some of us were way ahead of all those people that knew they were much smarter and wiser than you and I?! How naieve of us, to take possession of our gold and silver years ago?! And that was before the decline in the now devistated and almost completely valueless dollar?! MORONS still think GOLD is inflated. Not at all. The dollar is DEFLATED! Realestate is DEFLATED! Food, gasoline and taxes are INFLATED! You pay MORE for a loaf of bread with DEFLATED dollars, but you pay the SAME amount in gold for that loaf of bread no matter how expensive it gets, because of the deliberate destruction of the dollar, that is driving people out of their jobs and homes. THAT'S INFLATION! And guess what duck. It's never going to change. The DUMB just stay DUMB, and the POOR get POORER, and the RICH get RICHER, but the SMART get SMARTER. And don't forget...the harder you work the luckier you get! My gold isn't for sale at these ridiculously low prices, but these people can't afford to buy it now anyway! I'm retired and all set... but most of these people are out of work, or getting closer to it! There's still a lot more home reposessions coming, and things are not getting better, no matter what the talking heads keep drumming into those empty numb skulls. The radical young and ignorant liberals asked for 'CHANGE', and they're getting more than they ever dreamed. Now the dreams are turning into nightmare's. That's really a shame! If you have KO stock and hold on to it, you'll be able to sell it someday, but it still won't be enough to buy an ounce of gold. In fact, if KO is held long enough, it'll be worth LESS than an ounce of SILVER! Other than the duck, is there anybody who'se actually been smart enough to buy at least some physical GOLD or SILVER before it's completely locked up and impossible to get at any price? I doubt it... so about all you can do is try to hang on to those fleeting dollars and KO stock certificates. If most KOers are still as dumb as stumps as they've always been, they'll surely hold on to their KO shares long after it tops out gain. Wait for the next CRASH, and you won't need to worry about a thing. But if you plan to keep them longer, then I hear the next bull market will start around 2020 and your kids might recover some of the losses by 2030. So if things continue to get worse, or just plain impossible to cope with, BO will take care of everything for you. All you'll be required to do, is march to the beat of his drum. He'll appoint a new czar to handle you, so he won't have to be bothered, by the new liberal Teabag Protester's that still think today's Teabager's are the trouble makers. By that time, the National Guard will be patrolling your neighborood. I hope everyone can still afford turkey and give thanks for their good fortune this year's Thanksgiving holiday. Walmart is selling turkey at reduced prices! I might stop by again sometime next month to spread more holiday cheer and good news. And I'll be sure to toss in a "Bah Humbug" or two.

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      • QWAK,J4D,As the humongus FRAUD unravels, it just gets more OBVIOUS that the GOVERNMENTS and BANKERS have been doing EVERY THING posable to make the public BELIEVE they have the "PEOPLES GOLD" safe and secure, so pople will continue to use the TOTALY BOGUS FIAT currencis all of them have been issuing like the GOLD in there vaults was MULTIPLYING like RABITS or at least a GOLDEN GOOSE or two laying GOLDEN EGGS daily! :(

        At the very highist levels that makes the Madoff and World Com scams look like grade school PRANKS by children who discovered they could GAME the soda macheans in the school cafiteria with SLUGS and washers!

        The goal was/IS to hide and disguise the GREATER REALITY that the US DOLLAR especialy --- but ALL of the FIAT currencies are WAY passed WORTHLESS and just keep the SCAM/HOAX going as long as posable! :(

        When a CURRENCY is ONLY backed by DUMB TRUST and FAITH -- GREED can and DOES --- turn to FEAR and MISTRUST very QUICKLY! When the population also finds out that the GOLD in the ETFs and both CENTRAL BANKS and MAJOR INVESTMENT BANKS is ALSO BOGUS -- very BAD things are and will continue to HAPPEN! :(

        The next 12 to 18 months is going to DEVISTATE the GLOBAL ECONOMIC world WAY more than the current bad situations the public is some what awair of in BAD HOME MORTAGAGES and the NOW second wave of COMERCIAL Mortagages!!!

        At the very highist levels they (the powers that be) are trying to KEEP the LID on this issue and are doing there BEST to try and distract people all over the world with lots of other ALSO BOGUS ISSUES -- from H1N1 to Iran and there BOMB and North Korea and the WAR on TERROR Etc. etc. --- but the TRUTH and GREATER REALITY of FRAUD by the GOVERNMENTS and the BANKERS that OWN the GOVERNMENTS is coming out and can no longer be COVERED UP! :(

        J4D -- we did our BEST to try and WARN people -- WE have NO BLOOD on our hands -- but just the same -- the ECONOMIC SLAUTER will CONTINUE, in fact it has just bairly started! :(

        the DUCK

      • ko is looking very toppy, it form rising wedge and print bearish style candlestick, it showing decreasing trend strength as noted by adx, and generating the sell or the short signal from the tools of the master trader. I to sell some covered call option, and then short some shares.

    • what is tur duck hen

      Be careful what you post here. They may cook your goose.

    • When Mah read that article unkle donnie she almost dropped her basket ah eggs.

      Den I showed her the article was dated 3-14-2008 an she was ah wonderen if any of that gold-tungsten stuff was just made up or what. Go Figure.

      Farmer Jethro even has doubts about all them 400 lb gold-tungsten bars ah bean fake. Ain't bean no mention bout dem on the tele.

      If'n dis happened back on 3-14-2008 den how cum nottin bean said anywheres of importance? Go Figure!

      Ooooops! Gotta run uncle don cause Mah says Hanna Montana is just ah cumin on.

    • QWAK,Things have CHANGED -- the POLICE are GEARED UP for WAR on the POPULATION as tensions and stress build up, they have the POWER of LAW and the most advanced military weaponry and ACT like THUGS and OCUPIENG forces! :)

      Such things are becoming COMMON just about every ware --- even out in the boonies here they KILLED a mentaly impared local boy who was just scared and confused -- he FAILED to OBEY orders to show his hands and some LEO almost cut him in half with a 12 gage and (OO) buck! Barnie fife with a 12 Gage and 6 other LEOs surounding the kid on the ground! :(

      When things bust LOOSE -- and they WILL -- the POLICE are on the OTHER SIDE and they are more organised and have lots of GUNS!! :(

      the DUCK

    • Another link-

      No wonder they don't want to use up the tungsten for such mundane things as Incandescent light bulbs.
      Well China now has a good supply of Tungsen
      They can manufacture light bulbs now.

    • QWAK,This makes ALL the other SCAMS and HOAXES pail in comparison and Bernie Madoff look like a very minor player in the whole economic CATASTROPHY! :(

      BUY FOOD and any thing else of REAL VALUE you can hold because as this becomes common knolage the GLOBAL FIAT system will IMPLODE and for a time NO established monitary system will continue to function and NO currency will be trusted and no one will traid FOOD and other resources for any thing but REAL physical GOLD -- especialy in large amounts with the established GOVERNMENTS and there BANKERS! :(

      For a short time even REAL physical GOLD will not be TRUSTED! :(

      The time to HUNKER DOWN is HERE NOW and the CORRUPTED GOVERNMENT will NOT be able to help you -- in fact the GOVERNMENT will turn its military and police forces on the PEOPLE --- to TRY to stay IN POWER and maintain ORDER!:(

      the DUCK

    • QWAK,IF you are foolish enough to believe that the POLICE and GOVERNMENT work FOR you and are there to PROTECT you -- YOU are in for a RUDE AWAKENING!

      THEY don't SEE it THAT way -- they see EVERY ONE as an ENEMY and they will do as they chose and YOU will get HURT if you DARE RESIST!

      Things are about to BUST LOOSE on a grand scale when the people realise just how LITTLE FREEDOM the actualy have! :(

      the DUCK

    • Duck, the USD is worth below 0? Please check around your house, your checkbook and your gold for its true value. You are delusional.

    • QWAK,Some people think or rather WANT/NEED to believe that GOLD is in a BUBBLE at this point -- they are WRONG -- very -- VERY WRONG!

      They want/NEED to believe because IF they are WRONG which they percieve as UNTHINKABLE -- then they are SOooooooooooooo SCREWED --- it is HORIFING for them to even IMAGIN how much they will LOSE -- as every thing they have built up is or CAN be LOST and NOTHING thay can do to STOP it from happening! :(

      People --- GOLD realy is MONEY -- every thing else is just a SUBSTITUTE for REAL MONEY!

      When the ILUSION of being RICH in $$$ and other paper PROMISES is SHATTERED as is NOW happening virtualy every ware you look --- the PARADIGN shifts and one is left with the GREATER REALITY that had been HIDDEN from them by the ones PROJECTING the ILUSIONS.

      Make your OWN decisions and choices --- NO ONE cares more about YOU and the ones you love than -- YOU DO -- leting OTHERS decide FOR YOU -- no matter how smart they clame to be --- is ALWAYS a MISTAKE.

      Listening is OK but make your own DECISIONS as in the end -- it is YOUR HEAD not theres -- in the GELOTEAN if you chose wrong and trust in THEM more than YOUR SELF!

      the DUCK

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