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  • hickey90 hickey90 Nov 20, 2009 12:47 PM Flag

    A new alternative Energy Source--

    With housing starts dead. Nuclear power has been shut down, can't burn coal. The answer- burn wood!

    It's clean -Celuose which is CO2 and Water.
    We can burn wood and ship our coal to China.

    They are now burn wood in Washington to supply power to California. Help a lot, since the Sacrmento Nuke was deactivated.
    Save your trees Duck, they will become Valuable!

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    • regard - Brooksley Born video acceptence speech.

      respond - Proof positive Duck that TPTB do not want regulation of the corrupt practices of the banking and investment community.

      Not even mentioning that the fed doesn't want the light of day shinning on its practices also.

      Seems that TPTB want to BANKRUPT our economy and NATION. How else to explain that our economy is being directed by the same crowd that brought us the crash of 2008.

      Got gold? silver?

    • QWAK,This lady is a modern day "CASONDRA" and agen what she said and wornd of HAS come TRUE and we will ALL suffer the CONCIQUENCES of her being IGNORED! :(

      the DUCK

    • QWAK,Because the BANKERS with there FIAT currency and control of the GOVERNMENT and mass media -- what we are aware of is mostly a projected ILUSION and that ilusion is DECINTIGRATING very quickly! :)

      IF one ignores the distractions and just focuces on what IS REAL -- it is AMASING what one percieves!

      With out J P Morgan and all the SHORTS they are holding the price of SILVER -- based totaly on the FACTS of the market and its use in industry SILVER could and should be selling for $6000.00 an OUNCE!

      I do not believe we will ever see $6000.00 SILVER but with the US DOLLAR likely to CRASH and taking all the other FIAT currencies down with it -- when the MINIPULATION stops, SILVER will be WAY WAY more expencive and MAY see the equivlent of $6000.00 SILVER in the not too distent future! :)

      BTW: There is back channel talk that banks have been told to FREE UP VAULT SPACE --- and that when the OLD DOLLARS are exchanged for the NEW ISSUE DOLLAR (or what ever it is called) the rate will be 3 for 1 a 66% drop in VALUE!!

      Just somthing worth PONDERING from ---

      the DUCK

    • QWAK,alpha,A direct demand from a government would result in WAR and no one wants that -- IT will likly happen at some point but for NOW it is ASIANS BILLIONARS who just happen to live in China ;) who ARE demanding DELIVERY of futures contracts and REFUSING to setle the contracts for 125% of the price in CURRENCY and they plan to CONTINUE buying GOLD CONTRACTS and TAKING DELIVERY!

      The COMEX and the London GOLD MARKET are operating a GOLD price RIGING SCAM using the FRACTIONAL BANKING MO and NAKED SHORTING, to maintain an ARTIFICIALY low price of GOLD because THAT hides and disguises how much the CENTRAL BANK currencies are being DEBASED as there is a DISTORTED perception of relitive currency stability in valuation.

      The recent creation of TRILLIONS of new $$$ and other FIAT currencies IS making the MINIPULATION OBVIOUS and the SMART players are converting $$$$ in to GOLD but trying to do so slow enough to NOT cause a PANNIC until the last moment when it will be TOO LATE for the vast majority of people to do any thing to protect them selves from the impact of exposure to virtualy WORTHLESS CURRENCY when the USA DEFAULTS agen!

      The USA defaulted on its DEBTS Aug.15,1971 and has been living on CREDIT and SCAMING the world in to accepting more and more DEBT that can NOT and NEVER will be repayed ever since.

      Kenedy knew what was coming and tried to STOP the FED by issuing SILVER BACKED DOLLARS and when he was killed Johnson recinded the presidential order. Johnson then had 7000 tonns of US GOLD sent from Ft. Knox to England to try and manage the GOLD/DOLLAR problem by selling GOLD in to the market. Nixion closed the GOLD window Aug.15,1971!

      The FED has NEVER been AUDITED and the last time the GOLD in Ft. Knox was audited IKE was president -- THAT is why it is highly posable if not PROBABLE that with all the LENDING and LEASING of GOLD back in the years since Nixon up to NOW -- there may not be any ACTUAL GOLD in Ft. Knox and WHY with reports of FAKE 400 oz GOOD DELIVERY BARS being found the price of GOLD in $$$ is going up so fast!

      The ones selling the GOLD on the COMEX with NAKED SHORTS(Goldmansax and JP Morgan, etc.) must BUY PHYSICAL GOLD to DELIVER or DEFAULT and not only is there NOT enough GOLD at current price but much of the GOLD being held by ETFs and Central banks and bullion banks MAY be BOGUS so there is even LESS than they though they had! :(

      What we are seeing is the INEVITABLE implosion of the US DOLLAR and GLOBAL FIAT currency scam and the FED and other central banks trying to MANAGE the implosion and have it happen as gradgualy as posable.

      The only TURKEY I am seeing today is YOU -- GOBBLE GOBBLE --- QWAK QWAK! :)

      the DUCK

    • Dwuck.. How many times will you tell us this and when the date passes and nothing happens, claim it is the World Bankers Cabol again. No nation is demanding gold, no matter how much you might wish. Relax, enjoy your turkey and be thankful that gold is again rising.


    • QWAK,Eggs,Some one must have broken your YOKE! :(

      The banks haven NOT MINIPULATED the POG UP -- they have LOST CONTROL of the situation and it is going CRITICAL MASS!

      The BANKER/SCAMERS can't STOP the DIRIVITIVES BOMB and ther GOLD control SCAM to HIDE the EXTREAM DEBASMENT of he US DOLLAR and all the other FIAT currencies tied/peged to it is coming apart! :(

      ONLY physical GOLD and perhaps SILVER too are REAL MONEY -- every thing else is just "PROMISES that are mostly LIES" and MOST will NEVER get payed when the MUSIC STOPS! :(

      PS: the MUSIC is STOPING or at least going so slow it is about to STOP!

      the DUCK

    • "The FACT that the central banks have been minipulating both the GOLD price and CURRENCIES is beyond dispute at this point --- it is SOooooooooooo obvious it can not be IGNORED any longer"

      Ok, so they've MANIPULATED the price of gold from $750 and now up to $1189.80 (4:10 pm). So let me get this straight ..... if they manipulated PM's down that's bad? but if they manipulate PM's up that's good?

      All I'm trying to point out is that your DOOM and GLOOM scenarios don't pan out as you predict. You even mentioned in 2008 that the Perth Mint in Austrailia was closed when it wasn't and you tried to tell us that no one could buy gold and silver.

      Getting back to your prediction that PM's may not be able to be purchased this time next year is a stretch. IMHO there will ALWAYS be a market for gold and silver, unless of course something unexpected happens.

      Do you have an OUJI board duck?

    • QWAK,eggs, LESS than a year ago SPOT GOLD was at $750.00 NOW it is almost $1200.00!

      What I said in that post still holds -- your perspective is likely a bit diferent but it is the GENERAL TREND not the spicific dates or times -- as there are so many varables involved.

      The FACT that the central banks have been minipulating both the GOLD price and CURRENCIES is beyond dispute at this point --- it is SOooooooooooo obvious it can not be IGNORED any longer and all the SCAMS and DOUBLE COUNTING and FRAUD is coming to a head!:(

      It is just SOoooooooooooooooooooooo DAMNED BIG it is almost UNTHINKABLE! That is why no one wants to believe that it IS TRUE and it can't go on much longer!

      the DUCK

    • Remember this posting by you duck from Sept 11, 2008?

      "QWAK,eggs,True enough that the dealers are not selling BUT they aint siting on a HORD of GOLD and SILVER either!

      Perhaps they have some stashed away because they BUY and SELL constently -- however the PROBLEM now is geting RESUPLIED -- the MINTS aint SELLING either because THEY got NO GOLD or SILVER EITHER! :(

      Lots of PAPER out there but NONE for PHYSICAL DELIVERY! :)

      Most coin dealers operate on the diference between what they pay to BUY and the price they SELL at, they can't afford to just let INVENTORY sit in a VAULT!

      We are looking at a GLOBAL BANKING CRASH because the bankers got WAY TOO GREEDY -- now all the SCAMS are being revealed and the GREATER REALITY is that the DIRIVITIVE BOMB has gone off and the FIAT DEBT/CREDIT system is just part of that DIRIVITIVE MESS!

      Just be paitent BANKS are droping like flies and several BIG ONES are just on the edge trying to AVOIDE anouncing they are BUST!

      It can't be STOPED and all the other things happening are directly realated to the DIRIVITIVE BOMB going off.

      It is going to take DECADES to return to any thing vaguly like what has been concidered NORMAL in recent history.

      I hope you also invested some of your $$$ in to REAL FOOD and disposables because they are going to get SO expencive many will STARVE and just try to SURVIVE doing with out!

      People in DEBT will likely NEVER get out and I feel sad for them because they believed the ILUSION that BANKERS were STUPID and just handing out MONEY -- IT was NOT realy MONEY, it was just CURRENCY which the bankers could and DID manufacture out of THIN AIR in such great amounts that they turned FREE PEOPLE in to LIFE LONG DEBT SLAVES who will bairly be able to feed them selves!

      the DUCK"

      Methinks you're in a PM frenzy duck and haven't thought out all the possibilities. You went overboard in Sept of 08.

      Relax and ENJOY the CRISIS dude!

    • QWAK,eggs,"Methinks all the government has to do (via the fed) is to increase interest rates to 4-5% and gold and silver will come CRASHING DOWN." --- The FED can't rase intrist rates even to 2% or 3% -- the system will INSTENTLY IMPLODE! :(

      Why do you think they are esencialy loaning at ZERO%??? It aint because they are just being NICE!!

      You have likely less than 8 months befor the WHOLE PONZIE DOLLAR SCAM caves in!

      The Asians are demanding futures contracts DELIVER the GOLD and --- there aint no ware near enough GOLD to satisfy the DAMAND! That is why the POG is EXPLODING -- the SELLERS of the GOLD CONTRACTS ran all over the world to FIND GOLD when the buyers REFUSED 125% payment in CURRENCY!

      The March and June contracts with the demand to DLIVER -- will TOTALY EXPOSE the FRAUD NAKED SHORT selling and the DEFAULT will bring down the house of cards!

      the DUCK

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