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  • uglyduck555 uglyduck555 Jul 9, 2010 9:38 AM Flag

    QWAK,The SINS of the PASSED

    QWAK,The SINS of the PASSED come back to HAUNT us -- they do NOT go AWAY -- they ACUMULATE -- they continue to LIVE and GROW no matter how DEEP they are burried -- no mater how much DISTRACTION and SUBTRAFUGE is used -- the STINK is still THERE!:(

    The public tends to have short term memory problems and can NOT conect the dots of what is hapening at the moment with what hapened in the passed! :(

    What is COMING in the NEAR FUTURE is being hidden from our view BUT that CAN NOT stop it from coming nor can it be AVOIDED by IGNORING the GREATER REALITY that --- DEBT UNPAYED is realy just ROBERY -- even when the ones being robed are DISTRACTED and IGNORENT that they have been robed! :(

    the DUCK

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    • QWAK,alpha,When GOLD was just under $400.00, I told people how to BUY physical GOLD on credit there card at ZERO intrist for a YEAR and YOU said I was NUTS and YOU were advising YOUR clients to buy RE DIRIVITIVES!:(

      Since THEN the GOV. stoped posting M3 and created (OUT of thin AIR) several TRILLION more $$$ and just pretends NO ONE will NOTICE -- obviously YOU did NOT notice! :)

      They are doing there best to keep things together till after the Nov. elections and come 2011 things will get UGLY beyond IMAGINATION.

      It could happen SOONER with an "EVENT" -- but just as NIGHT follows DAY -- IT can NOT be STOPED because -- all the BAD DEBT must be accounted for and absorbed!

      The reason it is NOT OBVIOUS is that GOVERNMENT and FED are minipulating the markets in the back ground -- buying TOXIC DEBT and injecting more CREDIT diluting the TOTAL MONEY SUPPLY.

      The only diference between Greece and the USA is SIZE and for NOW -- some still BUY the US DEBT -- believing they will get payed. What is coming is DEFAULT on SOVERIN DEBT - AGEN and that will percipitate BOTH INFLATION (LOSE OF $ VALUE) and DEFLATION LACK of "REAL MONEY" to BUY every thing!:(

      the DUCK

    • Duck, we don't have a fiat "oxen" system. Therefore, what "sins" have been confirmed?

      Everyone still hugs their USD$. Even the Chinese came out this week and said they have a bear embrace on their accumulated USDs!

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