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  • uglyduck555 uglyduck555 Jan 12, 2011 12:58 PM Flag

    NYT OpEd - NE Blizzard Caused by Manmade Globalony Warming

    QWAK,eggs, The education system has EDUCATED too many BEYOND there own INTELIGENCE and ability to merge there SPECIALTY in to the REALITY of actual LIFE EXPERIENCE. :(

    They may be competent (?) in what they have learned BUT that does not mean there is a JOB once they have learned it! :(

    They turened HIGHER EDUCATION in to a CASH COW that would never run DRY as long as people could PAY with CREDIT! :(

    Common SENCE and real UNDERSTANDING and INSIGHT in to how things ALL work together has been LOST and an ALICE in WONDERLAND -- SUREALE and unnatural but accepted NORM allowed to exist -- inside a BUBBLE that is NOW poping GLOBALY! :(

    Too many people PAYED with DEBT to be EDUCATED (?) about things NO ONE wants and needs to SURVIVE in what will be a GLOBAL FINANCIAL HOLICOST! :(

    I guess being DYSLEXIC and not spelling like every one else so I did not go to COLLAGE has finely worked out for ME! :) LOL

    Silly ME -- I bought GOLD and SILVER -- it just made sence to ME! ;)

    the DUCK

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    • Duck, the question is not how one financed their education. You can't keep playing the same genre records - that is indicative of art, not your education. In fact, wrongly playing one of records in response is indicative of a lack of interpretive skills and intelligence.

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      • QWAK,canucanoe,Every body wants to be a LAWYER and make $$ just by twisting words around -- aparently -- YOU TOO! LOL ROTFL :)

        BTW:that is the DERAVATION of the word "ATORNEY" even if I mispell it! (one who turns and twists words) HE HE HE

        The only ones who ACTUALY produce any thing in this country have become the SLAVES of all the OTHERS who produce NOTHING and THAT is the GREATER REALITY you are OBLIVIOUS to! :)

        The "EDUCATION INDUSTRY" is a MONSTROCITY that does the OPOSIT of what its INTENDED and stated purpose is suposed to be -- JUST like the FED was suposed to protect and maintain the VALUE of the US DOLLAR!

        They both SUCK and do more HARM than GOOD! :(

        They are BOTH self serving entities that get special privliges too! :(

        the DUCK

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