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  • bohraht bohraht Jan 1, 2011 8:40 AM Flag

    New, Crazy Phase for Gold, Silver?

    starting off the new year ......

    sissy Konu told duckie "Lenny Dykstra, yes - the former baseball star, was featured in a TV commercial pumping gold and silver bullion"

    what legitimate company would hire a discraced financial pundit to make any commercial for them?

    methinks sissy Konu has started hitting the bottle a wee bit early upon making that insane comment

    proves once again that sissy Konu may be going over the deep end

    since mad dog alfalfa has quit pouncing on Konu he keeps goading our gold and silver prophet, duckie

    the only "crazy phase" going on is the one sissy Konu has embarked upon

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    • QWAK,bohraht,I expect the next 12 to 18 months will totaly ROCK the financial world as the system based on DEBT and GREED crashes BECAUSE debt is well passed the SATURATION POINT globaly and can NOT be PAYED no mater how it is structured or minipulated. :(

      I believe that we will see 10 or more years of POVERTY being the NORM for the vast majority of people who BELIEVED the LIES about DEBT not being DANGEROUS!

      Long term it will be for the GREATER GOOD but for MOST the TRANSITION will be a living HELL they must some how indure and survive any way they can or manage to IMAGIN.

      NEW ways of THINKING and RELATING and a NEW PARADIGN will gradgualy emerge BUT as in all things -- destruction happens quickly and reconstruction only slowly.

      THIS is the begining of a DECADE of CHANGE that can not be stoped or put off any longer and LIKE IT or NOT we will all experience changes we do not even want to IMAGIN because they will be so EXTREAM! :(

      GOOD LUCK to ALL because we are ALL going to need and do with out --- so much that we NOW, just take for granted and ASSUME will always be there -- but IT won't and THAT will change us all at fundamental levels giving new perspectives and values very diferent from the curent ILUSIONS and DELUSIONS that pass for REALITY now. :(

      the DUCK

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