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  • uglyduck555 uglyduck555 Apr 1, 2011 11:03 AM Flag

    More dysfunctional autocracy from Obama

    QWAK,canucanoe,NO you STILL don't understand about MONEY and CURENCY or that because the US DOLLAR has been the worlds RESERVE CURENCY the FED (privetly owned BANKS) have been able to SCAM and RIP OFF the whole world and yet remaine in the back ground and NOT be blamed and held accountable for its ACTIONS!

    The FED is NOT the US GOVERNMENT but the US GOVERNMENT must and DOES defend thease UNKNOWN BANKERS who HIDE in the SHADOWS pulling strings and causing WARS to happen! :(

    The IRS is just a COLECTION AGENCY for the FED and all our TAX dollars (which they create out of thin air) go to the FED to pay intrist on the DEBT!

    They ROB every one EVERY WARE systimaticly, backed up by US MILITARY threat to "PAY and OBEY" or suffer the CONCIQUENCES! :(

    There system of GREED and DEBT SLAVERY has percipitated ALL of the mysery and upheaval both here in the USA and around the WORLD but is distorted in your MIND and 99% of other people -- because of the ARTIFICIAL disconect from the ACTUAL CAUSE of the problem! :( People generaly do NOT understand MONEY and what it represents (the WORK and EFFORTS of another person!)

    The FED owns and runs the mass media and the GOVERNMENTS (FEDERAL and STATE) at all levels -- but hides in the SHADOWS with out ANY ACCOUNTABILITY to the PEOPLE of the USA or the WORLD -- for the actions they take which PERCIPITATES all the problems the PEOPLE must deal with -- that are ECONOMICLY based!:(

    They (the FED) are the MASTERS and virtualy ALL the people EVERY WARE who use FIAT CURENCY are DEBT SLAVES and like your self -- do NOT realise that GREATER TRUTH/REALITY! :( GOLD is MONEY -- FIAT is NOT!

    By condestinely minipulating the price of GOLD and SILVER that GREATER TRUTH/REALITY has been BLURED and hidden so that other wise inteligent people like your self -- see GOLD and SILVER as "ONLY COMODITIES" and NOT what they have always been -- REAL actual MONEY!

    Obama is just there latiest PUPET -- a MONKEY on a STRING -- born in AFRICA and NOT actualy -- LEGALY -- the PRESIDENT -- the ULTIMIT proof and in your face demonstration that THEY (the FED) own and run/manage virtualy every thing, YET the ignorent people are CLUELESS that they are DEBT SLAVES being MINIPULATED and forced in to situations that the FED percipitated!

    When all boiled down it REALY is the DIFERENCE between REAL MONEY and what it REPRESENTS and the intentional IGNORENCE projected by the BANKERS -- that the FIAT CURENCY they ISSUE -- is NOT -- real MONEY -- but rater DEBT which IS -- the modern form of SLAVERY on a GLOBAL SCALE! :(

    the DUCK

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    • Duck, after reading that screed, I must ask, do you believe in "mom, apple pie and the American way"?

      If not, just what outside of your love of precious metals ownership do you still take comfort in?

      • 1 Reply to canucanoe1
      • QWAK,canucanoe,The "American WAY was HIJACKED by BANKERS a long time ago! :( 1913 when the FED bankers used there OWNED government officials to pass a BILL allowing the FED to come in to existence!:(

        Your FANTICY "DREAM" of the AMERICAN WAY has become a NIGHTMEAR to the WORLD because the US DOLLAR became the GLOBAL reserve curency and the FED BANKERS EXPLOITED in to INFINITY! :(

        WHEN not IF it all IMPLODES -- it is the AMERICAN PEOPLE, not the BANKERS who will be BLAMED! :(

        Stick THAT in your PIPE and SMOKE it! :(

        The FED is NOT made up of BANKERS who give a HOOT about the AMERICAN WAY -- they are ANOMUS MONSTERS who are GLOBALISTS! They seek POWER threw GREED and they start and sponcer WARS to increase there POWER! They cause HUNGER and POVERTY with total DISREGUARD for HUMANITY -- MONSTERS who would step over your body as you beged for water or a morsal of FOOD! :(

        The AMERICAN WAY is GOLD and SILVER COIN in circulation LIMITING the BANKERS!

        Abe Lincon, who created the GREEN BACK FIAT curency, said it best -- "You can't FOOL all the people ALL the TIME!" -- the BANKERS have percipitated the GLOBAL economic CATASTROPHY and it started with the FED in 1913!!

        The BANKERS killed the AMERICAN WAY -- a way based on INDEPENDENCE -- NOT DEPENDENCE on the GOVERNMENT which is OWNED by the BANKERS!

        the DUCK

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