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  • canucanoe1 canucanoe1 Aug 9, 2011 9:04 AM Flag

    Duck, gold parabolic?

    Duck, where ya been?

    I see Kitco says gold price has gone parabolic. Can this be true? a 10ish % move, for gold, is parabolic?

    Shall we leap out of the gold pan into the fire?

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    • QWAK,canucanoe,You have been misinformed all your life about MONEY so refuse to accept TRUTH when it confronts the foolish notions you BELIEVE to be truth but are LIES and half truths the BANKERS us to exploit all who use there CURENCY insted of real MONEY!

      CREDIT is NOT MONEY!! :(

      the DUCK

    • Duck, you really do stretch to present your "buy and forever bury" investment strategy.

      I can't believe you embrace that link. It says:

      >>>Fear Sets In, Panic Begins, Ruin Perceived, Prepare for Gold $2100 <<<

      Under that doom, gold will only increase 15%?

      Give me a break.

      The key is when to sell. Gold doubles? triples? But in that scenario, a 15% increase is but a whiff of QE, not doom. Your oracle of doom seems to not know markets or psychology.

    • QWAK,OOPS ;) slight typo on last post --- should read -- "They can NOT fix what they broke on PURPOSE!

      IF you need more convincing of the DEBASMENT and FRAUD and DEBOCHERY perhap THIS will convince any who still want to TRUST the "SYSTEM".

      the DUCK

    • QWAK,canucanoe,The Central banks and all the Governments are in on the FRAUD -- they simply control the GAME and make $$$ on all the moves UP and DOWN -- on one side they SELL vast amounts of Leased and barrowed GOLD (SILVER too) to create the ILUSION of 100+ times more than actualy exists wile also selling futures contracts. It aint ROCKET SCIENCE when you INTEND to DEFAULT as the END GAME! DAUAaaaaaaaaaaaaa

      Now here is a LAST CHANCE to SAVE as much as you can --- SELL all PAPER and BUY and TAKE DELIVERY of physical SILVER as FAST as you can IF you CAN!

      They can FIX what THEY broke on PURPOSE!

      THEY had other PLANS -- they are NOT HONERABLE people no mater how much $$$ they have! :(

      the DUCK

    • Duck, you are not a cow.

      Let's keep it simple. You claim there has been a cabal that has shorted gold for decades and continues to do so.

      Please tell me how one shorts gold, from $250 to now $1800, and has enough money to eat and have shelter?

    • QWAK,canucanoe,If you think that is MULTIDEMENTIONAL thinking -- you must be a SNALE crosing a piece of paper! LOL

      OK here is some multidementional THINKING that you can TRY to get your mind around -- "You may only have to Oct. 28 of this year to get your ACT together -- after THAT all BETS are or may (?) be OFF! LOL

      It may be MUCH later than you THOUGHT -- IF you thought it would NEVER END! :) HE HE HE

      That is the GREATER REALITY -- take it for what it is worth to YOU -- FREE does not = WORTHLESS

      LISTEN and PONDER on the WISDOME

      Colectivly we ALL help create this REALITY!

      the DUCK

    • QWAK,canucanoe,What is UNTHINKABLE to YOU is just part of the END GAME plan the UBER RICH BANKERS intend! :(

      The RANCHER does not tell the COWS they are going to be PROCESSED in to WHOPERS and the COWS would not understand EVEN if the rancher did!

      Canucanoe -- to the BANKERS we are all just BEEF on the HOOF and sad to say -- there are now too many USLESS EATERS to be profitable! :(

      The BANKERS, there MEDIA and the Governments they own --- tell us all LIES which we have been TRAINED to BELIEVE --- because it makes GOVERNING the HURD easier and more PROFITABLE!

      just say MOOoooooooooo canucanoe!

      the DUCK

    • Duck, what I presented to you was your request for "multi-dimensional" thinking. It refutes what you have presented.

      One would never enter into a cabal, short gold for a decade and see its price rise 6x, KNOWING that fiat money was to be printed in excess. And surely after having been short while the price rises astronomically, knowing that continued excess money printing was to occur, one would not continue that action.

      Einstein correctly diagnosed your behaviour as insanity (repeatedly saying and doing the same thing while seeing it doesn't make sense).

      You offer nothing to support your position that this has and continues to happen. Except you want to shoot the messenger that presents how conflicted are your various arguments.

      As I asked sippi - take a deep breath, think for yourself and seek help if you cannot offer a sensical response. The very act of seeking help may provide you with the insight you need.

    • QWAK,canucnoe,You can NOT handle MULTIDEMENTIONAL thinking or REALITIES -- you think LINER like a one track train that can not posably leave the track. :(

      Shorting IS just one tool the bankers have been using to HIDE reality from the world, they have others and have been using them to THERE advantage for a long time.

      Mr. Magoo /canucanoe -- I can explain it to YOU but I can NOT understand it for YOU! LOL I don't believe you WANT to understand -- you just like to ARGUE! :)

      the DUCK

    • Mrsippi, you seem not to follow Duck's logic, yet you praise it. That is not something to be proud of.

      As the Duck keeps telling you, the gold price is not going up. The USD$ is being printed and going down.

      I, on the other hand, have been invested in precious metals as long or longer than the Duck. And I am not so crazy dumb that I believe the rising gold price is due to a "cabal" shorting gold (all this time and still alive after a 6 fold increase!).

      Worse, saying so doesn't logically jive with the Duck's claim that gold is being printed. If paper is being printed, one doesn't want to short and receive watered down paper in return.

      Think on that real hard. Take your time. Seek advice if you need to.

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