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  • chance_pocketwatch chance_pocketwatch Aug 16, 2012 12:32 PM Flag

    Owned KO for 20 years.


    Well of course everything is speculative, but it terms of risk/reward KO is historically proven. It's good to see a young person that plans for the future beyond the next tweet. I made a deal with my friends 17 year old daughter, where I transfered a share of AEP to her as a DRIP. I told her if you answer 4 questions, I'll give you a drip share of XOM, then 4 more questions and I'll add a KO drip share. The questions were like: what does price to earnings mean? What is AEP p/e.
    The intent was to give her a little smarts about investing, but she totally blew it off.
    So basically, I was offering her $88+ for answering 4 questions. Her school doesn't pay her anything to study, so how is she supposed to get an education.

    Around the time my parents got me involved in drips, my grandmother gave me some of her baseball cards and she loved Ty Cobb. As I began to research Ty Cobb, I found out how he made lots of money being invested in KO, which became my first interest in the company.

    This topic is deleted.
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