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  • oilnboil427 oilnboil427 Aug 7, 2013 2:57 PM Flag

    lets see a bull run already..

    come on...

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    • i agree with you. bought coke when they split felt they would be a good steady core stock for my small portfolio, knew they were slow growth going in.............hasn't got off the dime in a year. it acts like a counter productive channel stock. nothing will happen over the next 5 months. congress on 5 week vacation, once they come back i think they have 9 days for physical budget, in other words over the physical cliff again which we will apply another bandage, the S&P we'll probaby down grade us again. the market start to drop.
      did i say merry christmas cause that's about where all this will end up at. unless you see some thing different..........i'm all ears.
      management lacks imagination when comes to advertising. back in the 80 they had "I'd like to buy the world a coke" that one ad probably put coke on the map across the world. they haven't had any thing close to that in 30 years. Your thoughts

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      • all n all I agree... management needs to spark up a few new ideas. Buffett seems pretty sure of the company, it is the worlds largest beverage comp. and has continued to raise its dividends for the last couple of decades. Personally, I think its these young folk buying/selling puts and not doing long term investing (like they should), but who am I to give investing advice? As far as congress goes; they the biggest bunch of morons ever so its no surprise nothing gets done ..5 week recess just insures they wont screw up.. S&P will down grade us again, unless congress buys them out like they did the banks.. its anybodys guess... God help us..

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