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  • gottagun gottagun Dec 8, 1997 11:28 AM Flag


    Save the moral positions for the 700 Club or Humane Society websites. Those of us here are interested in investing and making money...which is incompatible with morality.

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    • I don't think making money and morality are incompatible. I don't think I need anyone to tell me what to eat or drink, but I don't see any reason to be nasty about it. If you don't like what they have to say ignore it. However, I would rather have someone tell me why my stock tanked 2 1/2 points today.

    • One thing that will help you with your investment results is to lose the attitude.

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      • I cannot follow the messages about morality and attitudes. If #60's remark refers to a critisism of the person who was ticked because of some tree hugging animal rights advocate I do not agree he needs as attitude change. To the contrary, this site
        is supposed to be about people with an interest in KO, not some platform to reverse eating meat which we humans have been doing for millions of years. There has to be thousands of sites an animal rights advocates can use to trade strategies about how to attack us meat lovers. One strategy should not be interloping into a site designed for investors or potential investors in KO. If they do it will only make me strive to eat more meat.

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