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  • kokoler kokoler Mar 9, 1998 4:34 PM Flag

    The REAL Thang

    Listen many people who post on here see coke as just sugar water. Well this is actually a well oil marketing machine. I know
    the company that manufactures machines that injection molds the preforms they make coke bottles out of, as well as other soft
    drinks. Dozens of machines are being shipped to not only Asia, but also South America. So this means if bottlers are investing
    millions of dollars in bottle manufacturing equipment, they have to put something in these bottles and that is Coke. And yes I have
    been to Asia and yes people that live there and are familiar with Coke love the product. Some may not drink much but they love it
    and are willing to save to get it. Believe me Coke is going places and is an excellent long term stock. May not gain in one day
    like some high techs will, but will not lose in one day like the may either.

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    • Johnny: I believe that UCLA stated in an earlier post that based upon his past experience with KO, it has had an EPS around
      2.70 when it split. He opines that the EPS is currently too low for a split at this time despite the price. Other have opined
      that KO will split 2-1 @ a price of 80 because that is the price it has split in its recent history. Who's right? UCLA or the
      others? EPS or price? Don't ask me - I'm not on the BOD. I'm just part owner of this outfit. Good Luck, its a good company.

    • HI UCLA...I was wondering why you predict KO will split at 120 in a couple years. Didn't they split at lower numbers in the past? Or do you have reasons to believe that to be the case? Was the last split at 90, or 120? I'm curious cause I've only been a shareholder for a year. Thanks for your info and your response.

    • KO did not split 2 for 1 a year after it split 3 for 1. It split
      2 for 1 in 1990, 2 for 1 in 1992 and 2 for 1 in 1996. KO stock
      will split 3 for 1 at 120 in 2 to 3 years or when the EPS. get
      to 2.70 or higher.

    • Historically, they only stay at the 80 range for about 15 to 30 days before they declare a split. Once it reaches 80 it will usually go above slightly or hang around the 80+ mark until a split is declared.

      Good luck...

    • how long does KO normally stay in the 80+ range before they split? 6 mos, year, ?

    • In 1986 Coke split 3 for 1. it reached 112. A year later it split 2 for 1 at 80. Since then about everyother year it has plit 2 for 1 at 80. I see a trend here. However, It has been a struggle the last two years for coke to move and stay above 60.

      Hoping for 80.......

    • No way Coke splits 4 to 1 to lower the price to $20. They would then have over 8 BILLION shares outstanding. There is no company in existance that I can find that has that many shares outstanding. At 2.4 billion shares outstanding it is almost impossible to find a company with an equal number of shares outstanding. I hope for a split as well; however, I think MAYBE a 2:1 at around $90 is more possible than a 4:1 at $20.

    • My own experience is limited but here it is: I bought in during 1995 and early 1996. KO split 2-1 in 2nd quarter, 96
      followed by a short rise which I attribute to small investors grabbing at the lower price, which economically is actually no
      advantage. I was happy with my choice and over 1996 bought more KO and doubled my position. It shot up quickly and I thought I was a
      genius because everyone said it was too expensive and I had bought anyway. When it took a dive in October 1997, I thought that the
      analysts were right (they put fair market value of KO @ 50) and sure enough it went from its high of 72 right down to the low 50s.
      But, I rode it out. Sure enough, a lot of folks saw the dive as a buying opportunity and we have fairly steadily climbed back to
      72. So I'm now thoroughly convinced that I am NOT a financial genius, but KO didn't let me down. What's the moral? Don't doubt
      the King. Buy KO whenever you have the money. If you're not comfortable with the price, don't buy it. Wait until a dip....but
      then you might miss out.

    • It just really depends on your investment philosophy and your current portfolio. Personally, I think that anyone who thinks
      long term should have KO in their port. It is a steady growth - no brainer. However, the growth won't be spectacular. If you
      already have a good chunk of KO in your port, there are probably other good solid companies that would do better for you short and
      medium term. With your reservations (and you have legitimate reasons), look around for something else. However, for those who need
      a solid foundation stock in their ports, I recommend KO now rather than later. Even at an otherwise bad buying time, it
      eventually catches up and performs well. PE is not a reason to stay away, nor is diminishing growth rate. Market is growing, just not
      as fast. This is in part due to current dominance. The bigger you get, the more effort it takes to keep momentum. However,
      there is still plently of room for future growth. That's what is exciting about this product. KO doesn't seem to follow the normal
      rules for company valuation. It's just plain ATTRACTIVE to investors and will be for quite a while. Therefore, it will continue to
      make investors happy. If growth rate, stability and PE are your cornerstones, then look at PG, GE and MRK. These are great
      companies too. However, I'm deep and long into KO (although I have others) and can sleep at night knowing that it won't let me down.
      Short of a nuclear holocaust, there just isn't much that can hurt KO's products. They are cheap to make and they are addictive.
      You couldn't design a better product. With the amount sold (1 billion servings per day), a slight price increase could spike
      earnings enormously. KO just hasn't need to spike those earnings because it's still in the territory expansion mode. Hope I didn't
      ramble on too much. Good Luck, you will do well because you do apparently weigh your investment decisions. Right now, I'm just
      enjoying the price rally. Go KO!

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