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  • Rickson9 Rickson9 Apr 7, 1998 12:50 PM Flag

    Warren Buffett

    It's true that Warren Buffett holds KO, but that's a far
    cry from saying that he'd buy it now. Not only has he
    mentioned that the market is overvalued in his Letters
    to Shareholders, CNNfn and the Washington Post, but he
    mentions that paying too much for even an excellent company
    isn't the greatest investment strategy.

    Berkshire Hathaway started hoarding up on long term bonds
    a little more than a year ago. I believe their 10K SEC filing
    indicates that they currently hold around $10 billion in
    "Securities with fixed maturities".

    In addition, lets all keep in mind that Warren Buffett's
    average cost when purchasing KO shares was in the range of
    $5-6 per share (unadjusted for inflation).

    If you hold KO, great. But if you don't, I'm not sure this
    is the best time to buy anything. Of course Buffett was
    ridiculed for saying the same thing in 1969-1972...


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