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  • Mariah90210 Mariah90210 Apr 8, 1998 6:15 PM Flag

    KO for the next 25 years?

    Hi guys, for some reason I don't see too many women posting messages. I'm new in the stock market, and I bought KO when it
    was 65 1/4....Anyway, I'm looking to hold it for the next 25
    30 years. Is this a good choice?

    Thank you,


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    • the whole thing for $175,000

    • <EOM>

    • Yes Nixon did lie. alas it is true of so many of
      our illustrious leaders. However, IMHO, those 58000
      names on the wall belong to the Big eared one! Slick
      weelee? A special place is being reserved for that boy!

    • and here i thought all along it was nixon that
      lied thru his teeth...well maybe dentures...remember
      cambodia?...beagle lovers of america, unite...along with consumers
      of coca-cola...come to think of it, slick willie got
      his diet coke into his grand jury

    • que pasa dudethang? You still bad mouthing Big
      ears just cause he assasinated his boss, lied thru his
      teeth to 250,000,000 American citizens about Mr.
      Goldwater and is personally responsible for over 58,000
      young American lives wasted in VeetNam? Or don't you
      like the dude cause he drank pepsi and physically
      abused dumb animals?? Later Marnino ALWAYS COCA-COLA

    • Saw your statement re: Lieberman, CT, I can only
      say that we in Texas have an old saying, " the only
      honest democrat in history was LBJ, and he was the
      biggest crook of all..." Dittos on Jesse Ventura,

    • thanks for the heads up gal. We had most of that
      info long ago though. How can you tell an honest
      politician, isn't that like an oxymoron? Can GW Bush, Jr.
      spell military? Can you say John McCain? Last count I
      had there was 2 maybe 3 " good Democrats" so who are
      you talking about. Could this be more out of control
      than you think? Have you seen our Social Security
      surplus lately cause mine is headed out the dor to
      Russia, China,Yugo, Kosovo whatever? Thanks Rev. Jim Bob

      LU, CSCO mentioned in Barron's "Shifty Fifty" by
      Leslie P. Norton. Due to the recent surge in cyclicals,
      the Nifty Fifty of the 70's aren't getting a break. .
      For a synopsis of the article see Barron's Synopsi at

    • on my Social security surplus, I just saw more money headed out the door towards Bosnia, Kosovo,Yugoslavia, Russia and a handful of other neer do wells? Thanks Rev Jim Bob

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