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  • ucla_98 ucla_98 Apr 16, 1998 7:09 PM Flag

    KO - SPLIT?

    I read a report that KO had their anual meeting on WEDNESDAY.
    Somebody asked IVESTOR if they would be splitting the stock
    any time soon. His response was first that they would have to
    get authorization for more shares and that the price was
    getting close to split levels.

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    • you may find it interesting, as i have, that KO's last three
      splits, all 2-1s, have come on May 1st. '90, '92, and '96.
      each time the stock was trading around 80.

      ...up 2 today.
      i'd say the stage is set.

      would you agree ?

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      • A split may come this year, but not in May...........we (the shareholders) have to vote to approve more shares....I haven't seen a ballot in the mail yet, have you? They'll probably announce it in the news first.........keep your fingers crossed. Probably will be in a few months, barring a major correction of the market overall.

      • the last time ko split it was anounced in the anual report .
        i believe it was in feb or march before the stockholders meeting it was a subject on the agenda that was voted on i believe .
        i suppose the directors have to approve i don't know but the agenda is set in november and anything that is not on the agenda will be ruled out of order at the meeting .
        i read motley that ko deserves a pe of at least 58 and the stock bottomed out today an began its climb to the sky.
        when the asian problem is resolved i look for ko to gain 10 dollars at least . the exchange rate from asian currency has been the problem with earnings . but 14% pr Q =56% pr year what wrong with that get those yens back anfd watch out .

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