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  • JoeStockInvestor JoeStockInvestor Apr 18, 1998 11:34 PM Flag

    Show me the value

    Where is the value in KO? Isn't this just one of the most overvalued stocks on the market (besides the fact that Warren Buffett owns it, thus everyone thinks they must have it too)?

    Look at the data at these two links:

    target=new >

    target=new >

    Then please explain to me why so many people like Coca-Cola?

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    • I have brought KO 4 different times in the past 2 years and it has always been kind to me. It is, as you most likely know,
      as secure a company as you can find. You can not go wrong as long as you stay long. KO is using the strong dollar to lay a
      solid foundation in a number of asian countries which drink the least amount of KO right now - about 1-3 glasses per month per
      person (US is 1 drink per day per peron). This is an incredible opportunity to buy capital abroad at a cheap price and reap rewards

      As you hope...I believe there will be a run up in price soon. As the Coke officials said themselves: it seems like we are due for a split. We are in a lull right now because of the hightened interests in technology and financial sectors (why KO has fallen). In the end people always come home to what is fundamentally sound.

      The case volumes are continuing to rise which is a key indicator of sound business execution. Only problem is the currency exchange. Key an eye on the dollar can both benefit and hurt earnings.

      Hang in there Dave

      Take care

    • I always thought that was soul food for the brain
      are you from the trade school on north ave.
      its obvious i am too thin, have a cocola on me .

    • You better order the Varsity Dog all the way. In your case start with 2 orders of those low fat onion rings.

    • I often wonder does anyone at ko read this msg board and what is the number of hits this site gets.
      its kinda like what we used to call in the army a latrine lawyer you know an all knowing all seeing guy that gives advice on
      all subjects , that if followed will get your but in a jam. what is good advice and what is bad , if you put a lot of credance
      in this pulse of the public . I think that the best use of this sort of info is as an emotional barometer to measure the way
      the wind is blowing but the market does not seem to follow this board . the sample is not great enough to base any conclusions
      on it would serve a greater service if we knew what the pulse of the masses was at any given time . as they say the market is
      driven by greed and fear . if you could predict in advance what the mood is then you would have some idea of what was coming down
      at 9:30 today

    • if you had a better idea about how to invest your capital , go into business, you have enormous goverment problems to deal with ,
      payrolls , property leasing , personel problems , neverending headaches , and if you can better ko's value growth year in and year out , you don't even have to show up , they take care of everthing . a man would have to be a fool to choose the latter ,
      a young man that can put away a buck a day (the cost of smoking ) he could easily retire in 30 years , investing in ko a buck a day. I wish i has known 30 years ago what i know now . i put out my last cigarette 20 years ago . good thing i couldn't afford to smoke if they get the buck a pack tax .

    • Sure, we all like to buy at a discount, but it's hard to predict
      short-term movements. If you're a long-term investor, you can't
      miss with KO.
      In 20 or 30 years, will it really matter whether you bought at
      $79, or $74, or $69?

    • I am also a long time KO shareholder and believe we are flirting with a split. I got in KO on a tip from a friend several years back. His comments were, "Coca Cola is going to put my kids through college. It seems to split about every 18-24 months. Last split was in May '96 I think. Feels like it might happen again. Hold on and don't sell.

    • Dear Fellow shareholders

      The earning season is coming out much better than most anticipated. I believe that KO will now go though what is called a
      split run. By this I mean that there will be momentum players and traders coming in to try to take advantage of a possible split
      which will probably occur at $ 84 a share. The smart players get in early and ride it up to the split and then after an
      announcement is made ride it up another 20%++. So my friends all we need is to hit 80 and the momentum players will take it from there.
      This was shown in the past from other high caliber stocks such as MSFT, LU, AIG. Anyone who bought 10-15% below the estimated
      split at the start of a split run was rewarded heavily when the actual split occured. KO has not split in a while so I believe it
      is over due. One should not worry about the stock being overvalued(though I don't think it is (msg #1142)) for the discount
      rate which for all intended purposes is the 30 Year Treasury bond yield is still under 6% . If this goes above 6.50% then I would
      start to worry. Hagstrom in "The Warren Buffett Way" uses the 30 year bond in his analysis and if one does a "Dicounted Owners
      Cash Flow Using a Two Stage Dividend discount model" you will see that KO is far from overvalued when compared to other stocks
      such as G, DIS & MSFT. Is not KO a safer and better company than those. I added to my position today by buying more shares @

      Good luck to us all and go KO, split baby, split!!!!!!!!!


    • I have said earlier that if my shares were in an IRA that I would sell. I have owned ko for about 8 years. I now own puts
      and think the stock will continue to drop. I also have said earlier that ko is a hold at best and that is what I am doing with
      my shares. I like to brag about my earnings call of .34 eps. I called this before all the estimates drop from .36 to .34. Ko
      management always steers analysis within a penny of earnings. I see a rotation going on in the market and think the multinational
      stocks will be out of favor for a good while. Small caps, looks like their day is finally here.

    • What is the sense in selling a stock like Coke, esp. when the stock is low? Would you sell your home when its price was down, or would you wait until prices rose before selling???

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