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  • WHATS411 WHATS411 Apr 27, 1998 3:03 PM Flag


    You can see that ko has some support in the 72 area with the way it is holding up today. As I said earlier today if ko closes below 72 it looks like it will continue to drop another 10% to 15% before building another base.

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    • very similar.Both are overpriced and have too much fizz.

      However,for colored sugarwater,they have done OK, so far.

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      • If there came a flood and washed away all you owned and the rains keep coming down and your prize bull has jumped the fence and you only daughter has run away with a band of hippies and the bank wants your car and your wife says you are not paying her any attention and don't understand why she can't go to vegas with her friends and calls your mama bad names .
        you know what a man most likely will do in a time of stress like this ? it a no brainer mates, he will take his last dollar
        and buy a coke and sit down on the stoop where his house used to be and rejoice brothers because there is still something left
        to be thankful for. hang in there as Scarlet said tomorow is another day .The sun will shine somewhere and the big red coke
        trucks will keep on rolling you know what they used to say about the Brittish Empire," about the sun never sets on the union jack
        ". well since Hong Kong it does but the sun nevers sets big red Coke Cola trucks .

43.93-1.15(-2.55%)Jun 24 4:03 PMEDT