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  • Sceja Sceja May 3, 1998 12:34 AM Flag

    KO legal problems Ahead

    Lawyers are lining up for a mega lawsuit similar
    to the tobacco industry. It seems that drinking coke
    is hazzardus to your health. It is the major cause
    of tooth decay and one off the bigger causes for
    obesity. SELL KO!

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    • I loved that quote . That was said durning the
      time that ko had spent 20 or 30 years defending
      itsself from the overzealous us attorney that was trying
      to shut them down in their early days . claiming ko
      was a drug and should be regulated by the government.

      Another interesting story came out this week that French
      youth were into drinking Coke instead of wine because
      they liked the taste better and was not an old fogey
      drink like wine .
      This is especially noteworthy
      because France had fought Coke and actually brought
      criminal charges against a ko bottler in France over their
      (Coke) refusal to reveal the formula in the
      Billy Rose a newspaper writer and nightclub owner in NY
      took up the cause wrote articles about the French
      action and refused to serve french wine in his club( I
      believe (21).
      The whole country took up the cause and
      soon the French Ambasador was seeking out Coke to
      settle the fray.
      The Rothchilds in France( big in
      wine and high in french government were trying to
      protect the wine industry . Now their children have
      turned to Coke .
      notbuffett Warren is on cnbc today
      from his stockholders meeting in Omaha.

    • Wonderful Quote,

      Thank You

      Go KO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    • Here's a quote some of you might like:
      will be trials and tribulations. Men will be sorely

      vexed and their souls will be tried. . . There may be
      We can stand that. There may be revolutions. We will
      Taxes may bear down to the breaking point. We can take
      The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse may charge over
      the earth
      and back again--and Coca-Cola will
      remain." - Harrison Jones,
      KO executive, 1936.

    • I think Pepsi is sweeter. You sure it isn't Pepsi being sued??!!

    • Yea, sounds like a great idea. Sell all your KO
      stock, then when
      the price goes down next month and
      all of my optional cash pay-
      ment money is there I
      will get a lower price and own more stock.
      I also
      think CCE, Coca-Cola Enterprises is a very GOOD buy.
      stock did a three for one stock split a year ago, and
      has now
      doubled. (ex. you owned 1 share @ $60, it
      then split to 3 shares
      for $20 a piece, and is now
      trading for around $40). Not too bad
      if you ask me.
      Got more ideas write back to me. 'Till then,
      buying KO or CCE, and we'll see ya later with lots of

    • Where did you hear this news on a mega lawsuit on
      soft drink
      consumption issue?As we all know too
      much of anything isn't good and we are all creatures
      of habit.What happened to the use of self control?

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