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  • spags_99 spags_99 May 4, 1998 10:28 AM Flag

    Stock Split

    Does anybody have any idea when Ko might Split

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    • KO last split in may of 96 and it was announced
      in the anual report that i received i think in feb
      or march of that same year. To split the stock it
      has to be approved by the stockholders and the co
      controls enough votes to do as they please . so in effect
      if they wish to split, it will, but not before the
      next stockholders meeting next april most likely that
      is when it will next occur . but no one knows for
      sure except the management . and your fortune teller
      there are a lot of fortune tellers on this message
      board. just pick out one you like and take his advice.
      One is as good as another. A stock split is only
      valuable as it makes the stock fall into a price range to
      accomodate more investors. The gain in value is nil. That
      occurs only when the company grows it earnings. The
      stock price will follow the emotions of the public up
      or down, but the underlying value is unchanged the
      spread and expected growth is what is being bet on .In
      other words if you hear some good news or some bad news
      about a stock it is probally to late to benefit from
      that because it is common knowlege and has already
      been factored into the price .
      To benefit from the
      market you either have to be a value investor pick a
      company based on their performance in the past and rely
      on the prospects for the future based on what
      managment tell you . If they are not telling the truth the
      stock price will suffer as will the holders of the
      stock . So pick a company that has the managment that
      is truthful and compent to deliver the expectations
      they predict and also a company that has a good
      predictable product that is proven over time .
      I have
      just described Coca Cola 36 years of increasing their
      dividens. the managment is the most respected in the
      business world . They are on good relation with nearly 200
      countries the market is limitless and the product is proven
      oner 100 years .
      Have a coke brother

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