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  • TOOHIGH2WIN TOOHIGH2WIN Aug 6, 1998 11:17 AM Flag

    Be another Buffett - Sell without sellin

    Would you like to copy Buffett and reduce your
    stock holdings without selling stock, here are some

    Suggestion #1 - Marry a rich city mouse. Find a rich city
    mouse, preferably in New York City (that is where the
    money is), who has a very nice multi floor penthouse in
    one of the tallest skyscrapers next to Central Park.
    Make sure he/she is one of the long line of Disney
    mouses (they are loaded). Next, convince him/her to sell
    all of the stocks and equities they hold. Now marry
    him/her and merge your Coca Cola stock with the rich city
    mouse's vast fixed income holdings. Now you have changed
    your stock/bond mix without personally selling any

    Suggestion #2 - Don't buy - Cancel all your open buy orders,
    cancel your Drip plan, change your 401k contribution
    selection to 100% money market. Stop your stock purchase
    plan at work and put all your freed up cash flow into
    the money market. Tell your employer you don't want
    any more of those nasty stock options. Tell him you
    want a couple of million in additional annual employee
    compensation instead. This should be easy for your employer to
    handle, since everybody else wants those options right
    now, and you would be among the minority that wants
    their compensation in cold hard cash rather than funny

    Suggestion #3 - Give it away - Now that you are married to
    the rich city mouse. Have your broker take your Coca
    Cola position and issue it out in the form of nice
    unfolded 100 share certificates. One should be framed to
    adorn the penthouse. Give the rest away. There are
    plenty of takers in New York, including the elevator
    operator, the doorman, the cabby, some of your pals at
    Starbucks, friends on this board (don't forget TOOHIGH2WIN,
    Mycroft,God rest his soul), and finally don't forget the
    kids, grandkids and other more distant relatives, then
    give some to charity to get some additional tax
    advantages. All of this will be tax free of course. And
    knowing how you hate to pay taxes, this will shift the
    tax burden to all those suckers that get the

    Suggestion #4 - Save those windfalls - When you win the
    lottery, get an inheritance, get a raise or a bonus, or
    find money on the street, put it straight in the money
    market. Do not put it in stocks!

    Now you have
    significantly altered your stock/fixed income ratio (just like
    Buffett) without selling a single share. Now does that
    solve all your problems.


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    • went through basic training at San Antonio in
      1966 and survived cause I wa pretty used to heat &
      humidity. You shoulda seen them boys from Buffalo! That
      drill Sgt. laughed at em until he couldn't stand it no
      more. But the US govt. cared about us cause the gave us
      a wool blanket for our bed to keep us warm at nite.
      PS does La nina in english meanAl gore still wants
      my 6-cylinder car? Just wondering Getting late , had
      a long good day,guess I'll say goodnite Gracie(
      George Burns humor) ALWAYS COCA-COLA!!!!!!!

    • Whadda mean, gonna get hot? Thought it still was.
      Think La Nina is a mad sister of El Nino' or something.
      Sure has really been a hot summer in most of the
      south, I guess. One consolation I keep telling myself,
      is that KO has prospered because of it. Thanks for
      letting me be a redneck. Now if Notbuffett is agreeable I
      feel I am in with the "in crowd." That is where I want
      to be!! GO KO,OK?

    • glad you enjoyed your day also & appreciate the kind words. Better buy moreice cold CO-COLA with La Nina coming it's gonna gethot again in Texas, Yaheah? ALWAYS COCA-COLA!!!

    • Well, Happy Birthday to you. I attended 2
      birthday parties today after work. My brother and my
      greatgrandson were both born on 8-8. Wish you could have been
      here,too. You would have been welcome. We did lots of
      "C's." Cake, COKE, Cream (ice)Celebration and
      Companionship. Wish we had had one more "C." A Chicken. We had a
      wonderful day and sounds like you did also. I guess by
      getting Notbuffet to do a chicken story I sorta caused a
      rumble on this board, but Notbuffett sure held his own
      as per usual. Again, Happy Birthday, and so as not
      to be off topic by having a little fun and
      merriment; GO KO. Texie

    • to TOOHIGH? He got up early and starting swinging
      on Sat AM. Sorry I missed all the fun but I have
      been celebrating my 52nd birthday and been out and
      about spending my wife's $$$. Ate a bunch of real good
      mexican ( can I say that?) food for dinner and went and
      saw the Titantic for the 2nd time. I am not really
      into love stories but that is a real good movie. Had
      my oldest grand-daughter (3) sing me Happy Birthday
      this AM. It made my day. Hope everyone enjoyedtheir
      day as much as I enjoyed mine, including TOOHI and
      the Badger. I was in the Barnes & Noble today and
      reread the First National Bank of COCA-COLA chapter in
      Tom & David Gardner's book You have more than you
      know? Anyway starting on page 146 is absolute must
      reading for those persons considering selling or
      purchasing for the first time their COCA-COLA shares. It
      gives the actual figures for KO stock since 1919
      including the years 73-74 where the stock went down big
      time. If you consider yourself a possible long term
      investor of KO read this info, it should help all make the
      decision that is right for them concerning KO. Haiku for
      KO shareholders: 100 shares purchased in 1919 @
      $40.00/share became $682,000,000 by 1997 when the book was
      being written. It's there in black and white for all to
      see. Friends thisis the land of opportunity and I just
      gave some free directions to the gold mine.
      notbuffett, shut the windows I hear thunder rain etc is
      headed for Habersham county! Peace to all and for those
      wondering I seldom drink alcoholic beverages and drank none
      today God Bless us all ALWAYS COCA-COLA!!!!!!!!

    • i always thought Trump inherited his money. Then
      he bought some old hotel and fixed it up. Then
      traded 1/2 that for a casino. I don't think he's got
      much cash..all on paper,tied up in real estate &
      girls. You got any old hotels around where you
      live.maybe you could turn it into a casino. re: michael, you
      reffering to millikin or price....if you're referring to
      millikin, i guess you need to start sellin some junk..the
      more you sell the wealthier you get.) re:notbuffett,if
      he is as wealthy as he is wise, i doubt you can
      catch up with him.

      What's a
      that like the elliot wave theory (it's either the 3rd
      wave or the 5th, depending on whose interpreting the
      chart i guess.

      Hey, you know it just hit me we
      havn't had anybody asking about drips since mycroft
      left....who is/was the dripmaster..... also, KOINTC hasn't
      been around either..seemed like he posted frequently
      when i first got here. who else is missing...have we
      totally driven everyone away?


    • I didn't know we were getting spammed by John and
      Notbuffett. I guess that is why there are so many messages on
      this board, and when it goes on day in and day out, it
      starts to become part of the territory and you don't
      notice. That puts everything in a whole different light.
      I did used to have conversations with Notbuffett,
      but he doesn't really talk to me anymore. John
      certainly has some useful posts from time to time. I would
      probably put Beethoven in the spamming category. He
      usually justs trys to insult people. Never has much
      inciteful commentary of his own. John and Notbuffett like
      to sick him on unsuspecting new visitors that have a
      more openminded points of view about Coca Cola and
      it's prospects. They also prefer chicken jokes to the
      idea of discussing new concepts like how people might
      use options and other techniques to their advantage.
      Those Coca Cola people probably prefer to go to those
      redneck get togethers that they have down there in
      Georgia, rather than learn about new ideas. It would be
      nice if we attracted more people to the board that
      examined Coca Cola from a broader perspective. With the
      "spamming" you described, I guess new contributors are
      probably not wishing to present their varied


    • Sambojam thats your, name and you came here to be
      taken seriously, Now that takes my breath away. You may
      very well be the first sambojam I ever took seriously.
      But if you will knock when you are coming I will hush
      about the chicken stories , till you get out of site.
      The Tyson board is crowded with chicken stories, but
      I don't hear anyone complaining over there , and
      Beethoven said they helped corrupt the beloved first
      "The Virgin Queen" for a paltry 100 thousand but do
      you fuss at the Tyson folks? NOO! Just the pore
      chicken helpers .
      I bet your true handle is Albert
      Gore jr. right? Well if thats your real name I don't
      blame you for picking a new name.
      GGGGoooo Coke-Cola The money just keeps on rolling in.

    • Amen, John, Amen. I love those stories. I am
      still waiting for the tomato gravy story by a ghost
      writer. Tomato gravy sounds good with a big old frosty
      coke, don't you think? Gotta go to work for a while,
      but will check in on our KO board when I get back.

    • I read yesterday where people with a sense of
      humor, have the ability to think more clearly. I'm with
      you, I think a laugh is goodfor us all! Best wishes to
      chickenonsunday, whoever he/she may be. ALWAYS COCA-COLA!!

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