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  • lockport2 lockport2 Sep 20, 1998 7:31 PM Flag


    Look at KO to drop to $54 by the end of the week.
    When Ko was at $88 I said it was going to $75. Before
    this is all finish KO
    will be at $47.Don't get me
    wrong I love Coca Cola and own a few
    Coca Cola
    vending Machines all I have to say is buy more but
    on it is going way south. Look at weak earnings and
    I earnings warning that should drop the stock $4.00

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    • have been having internet connection problems, so
      have a lot to catch up on here. Haven't checked the
      site yet, but will get right to it now. Thanks, again.
      Everybody's playing today; hope the rain stops for a couple
      hours anyway. KO up again today; now my MF is taking a
      dive. Win some and some get rained out...jekyll

    • Well, the Indians got down 0-5 in first inning
      just as I came in from work. Doesn't look to good at
      this point. Thanks for the post. BTW, did you ever
      look at that website I sent you? Think you would enjoy
      it. Glad to see our KO still going up. Wish some of
      my other stocks would get "happy." Between innings
      now. Gotta go grab a sandwich and a KO and get to to
      cheering louder. Best regards. Texie

    • How are you, Jekyll? And yes, only Mescalero
      Apaches may post on the KO board, or if you have seen
      "Dances With Coyotes" this may be acceptable also. Hope
      your team is doing well...


    • glad to see your post. Glad you don't hold
      anything against the Braves. Sure would love to see
      Cleveland in there, too. Those drips are making some $$
      now, and those 401k's are coming back. Hope those
      daytraders lost their collective shirts. Actuall.y, hedged
      (bad word not intended) and got some cd's yesterday.
      May need some for retirement if big red doesn't make
      us millionaires in 15 yrs or so....go Indians!! (is
      there a requirement now that all posters be of that
      native American persuasion...this is a poster that still
      enjoyes discourse with those that have an interest in
      KO)...enjoy the game, texie...jekyll

    • I did not say that I hated cowboys.

      If you
      go back and read the post, I said the "only good
      cowboy is a dead cowboy."

      But as the bottom of
      the post, it should have been clear that I was
      kidding. I went on to say that that I had like Gene Autry

      But, there is a problem here. I send straight forward
      messages in response to messages and you see anger in what
      I said. I do not have anger, I am at peace with my
      spirit. I am just being very direct and you are not used
      to someone being that way.

      If there is any
      anger, you and John have it.

    • I am sorry if I have offended you and your
      Just to show you I don't hate Indians I'll give you a
      little quiz to show I too know some Indian tricks
      1. How did some of the Indians catch wild
      2. how did they break them?
      3. Indians gave the
      Skunk the name Pole Cat. Why?
      4. Why did some
      Indians store their meat high in a tree to dry?
      5. You
      said you hated cowboys what Indian 1/2 discover the
      greatest of the cowboys.
      6. This cowboy never killed
      any Indians just bad white men
      and bad white
      Indian agents.
      peace brother

    • Yes, we need to all get along. BTW there are some
      posts I left for you on our usual posting board over at
      the motley fool bd.
      What in the world were
      conversing about ref. the cell phone/ E-Trade business?
      answer my question on TMF Bd.
      Look also regarding
      Street/prostreet rod over there.
      Split, there ain't nothing
      over there in T.V. land that's any count; besides,
      that crap will make you as dull as 4 week old opened
      pepsie, you both will lose your phiz.


    • on the money.......that girl that just passed
      away last week? joyce? joyner..the runner girl.. once
      made a rather profound statement...(i think....think
      about it)...."If you have peace with yourself -- you
      will have peace with everyone else". (or something
      like that.)

      jimmy..i'd have to go back to
      your first posts to see what the first "confrontation"
      with notbuffet was.. if you said anything like "this
      thing is gonna crash big time, sell now!!!"...i can
      assure you he will never forget it...he has a memory
      like an elephant. He is also like a big teddy bear!!
      or a pussy cat...

      with out going back to
      check the messages (so i may be wrong) i think when you
      first came on "i" thought you were one of those
      shorters too that buffy don't like much and would quickly
      jump on....ofcourse i have since come to see an
      entirely different picture..(i'm sure notbuffet has as
      well...although certainly to some differing degree!
      (perhaps)...john is a different case but pretty much an ok guy
      too...(when he is wrong, he usually appoligizes)....the
      solution (i believe) is we all just gotta agree that it's
      ok to disagree sometimes.. (didn't you just say that

      one more time....not buffet and i don't agree 100% on
      how we invest..(style, method whatever)...but we
      don't fight back and forth over it...we have agreed
      that we can disagree ocassionally and still be
      friends. aw heck... you guys battle it out.... i am old
      and tired....i'm gonna go watch some TV..see ya all

      in memory of mycroft... GO GO KO!!

    • "I find it interesting that I get along with the
      world and have
      trouble communicating with John and
      Buffett. Perhaps, I
      am not the problem"
      Do not pay
      to much attention to them, they want to hype the
      stock with no facts. But if you give any info to prove
      the stock is over priced, they attach you personally
      because they have no facts. Maybe the people that hype
      stocks without facts to back it up will be arrested
      All the best---John

    • I agree. But, you are missing something. At times
      the aroma is on someone else.

      Not once, have I
      resorted to swearing or ethnic slurs. Buffett and John

      It is clear that neither of these men can defend
      their positions with reason.

      John, in
      particular, likes to make people feel small. There is a
      hardness in his heart. He needs for people to agree with
      him or he attacks them. He is not at peace with
      himself. I wish that the spirit was with him but it is
      not. Sadly, I can not change his condition but the
      cure is within him.

      We need to live our lives
      in balance and he does not realize this. Balance
      does not require agreement but it does demand
      acceptance of other views. Like a sand painting, this too
      will pass but our spirits survive and they will relive
      the life that we had. John's spirit is moving towards
      an eternity of imbalance. I do not envy him.

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