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  • danginsberg danginsberg Oct 14, 1998 8:43 AM Flag


    Pepsi announced yesterday after the bell that its
    EPS from continuing operations for the third quarter
    would be 50 cents--43% above the third quarter in 1997.

    Roger Enrico, Chairman and CEO, noted that several
    elements in the company's strategy have benefited the
    company even in these difficult international markets.
    For instance, he mentioned Pepsi's moves to
    strengthen it North American bottling system, including
    restarting the consolidation process with agreements to
    acquire two franchise bottlers and establishing the
    company's own bottling operations as a separate entity for
    greater focus and to pave the way for a potential public
    offering. These moves mirror the same strategic moves Coke
    (KO) made in the 80's to become the lean, mean
    operating machine that it is today. (Basically, Coke sells
    syrup to its affiliated distributors and bottlers, and
    it is not bogged-down by the capital-intensive
    bottling business.) Enrico also noted the acquisition of
    Tropicana as a positive boost for profits, citing
    Tropicana's top-selling portfolio of beverages and retail
    grocery distribution network.

    But it is important
    to view Pepsi without rose-colored glasses. The
    company suffered an unexpected slowdown in volume growth
    in its Frito-Lay snack foods division (mind you,
    Frito-Lay makes up 50% of Pepsi's revenues). Pricing
    pressures overseas due to economic crises are making it
    difficult to increase sales, and the company expects more
    difficulties for operations in the near term. Also, this
    quarter's earnings are inflated by a $200 million tax
    credit, which will not be re-occurring.

    I still
    believe that PEP is a "show-me" stock, because the
    company needs to prove to stakeholders that it can
    1) Reorganize and eventually spin-off its
    capital-intensive bottling operations,
    2) Penetrate the global
    markets with its beverage products (nearly all of Pepsi's
    beverage sales are in the U.S.)
    3) Prove the
    effectiveness of its costly marketing programs.

    until Pepsi can do all of the above, I'll be on the
    sidelines drinking a Coke.

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    investing in companies who concentrate their operations in
    the U.S. (who are therefore less sensitive to global
    economic crises), I strongly encourage you to review the
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    Stock Advantage

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    • Sonny,

      you are too polite and wise, I
      enjoy reading your posts.

      while most here are
      too busy feeling high with their wealth, and
      trivialize this board with irrelevant messages, you are
      always to the point and provide your opinions with

      don't let notbuffett or whoever boss you around here;
      having a favorable run in their stock for a while does
      not make them geniouses automatically.

      I have
      a feeling KO will see 55 first, before it ever sees
      80. I may be wrong, but there is nothing left to
      attract new cash in here, except may be


    • Hey I am not 99 thats my overall size are you
      supposed to put your age there ? Damn I messed up
      You are a good sport and I will not pick on you
      I am just 64 8/12 but I feel 99.
      have a nice
      PS I assume you are not 300

    • notbuffett ... Sir, I didn't know that you were
      really 99!

      I thought it was just a joke ... 99
      age seen on your profile. (As some write 01, 11 etc.
      you know).

      But, if you are really 99, I must
      salute you, since you must have gone thru a lot and
      accomplished a great deal. (I have been known to be an admirer
      of old folks). I'm sorry if I have confused you with
      some young brat then. Why I thought that you were
      arrogant? ... because I perceived you as just another 20s,
      30s, or 40s something, when most of my friends were in
      the 70s and started learning Java RMI programming
      afresh! :-) Things of the times! While they enjoy their
      new found Object Oriented love, they are writing
      books on investments etc. Hence, the age-confusion gave
      rise to mis-conception.

      I hope this finds you
      in the best of health and spirits! Yep, go KO then
      ... at least until it matches your age numerically!


    • I had so hopped you would not take the rambling
      of an old man wrong , The Lord gave me the brain I
      use to conjure up my feelings and the Lord gave me
      the fingers ( old and gnarled they may be ) to do the
      typing, and the observations that I perceive to be
      factored into the events of the day, and after comparing
      with life's experiences diluted by the age of and
      factored into the output, is the sum of the difference
      between what I see and hear and the experience of the
      past that has given me cause to scratch my head in
      wonder, as to what the hell is going on here ,
      equation solved to the satisfaction of all the chickens
      that are still taking nourishment
      and some, <on
      their death bed >cackled their approval. So I set
      forth to advise you of my feelings about the
      future,< Inept and flawed as it may appear>, lies the
      truth that will set you free.
      Take the advice my son
      , use it as you see fit. but don't ever talkback to
      a Sgt at Arms for he can do you harm.
      have a
      nice day and may the bird of paradise lay golden eggs
      on your frying pan.
      your friendly advisor and
      Sir (to you) notbuffett go KO <that�s for
      staying on topic>

    • How much you payin' for that timely advice? ALWAYS COCA-COLA!!!!

    • thanks for input. When do we get to $30/share I want to invest my lottery winnings ASAP. Thanks ALWAYS COCA-COLA!!!!!!!

    • your reference to AG paying attention to greed and overvaluation. thought that was in mr. greeenspan's job description....jekyll

    • It is often the natural tendency of persons with
      vested interest (i.e. stockholders) to react to
      negativity in a similar manner (i.e. negatively.) To every
      post a riposte, as it were. The regulars on this board
      are anything but arrogant, they have seen their
      fortunes dwindle in the last three months, but when their
      moment inevitably comes, understand their remarks as
      being born of enthusiasm, and not bad humor. Where does
      your interest lie?

      Luck to


    • **OT** notbuffett: I admire your observation and
      sharing the event. But there is no need of arrogance
      here. Market is the most humbling mechanism invented on
      earth and it eventually subsumes every human being's
      arrogance in it. Today its your turn, so enjoy while it
      lasts. Ultimately, the Almighty God will pay attention
      to the greed and over valuation one day. Remember,
      we are all that God's children and the life is given
      for a bit of sacrifice and fun, simultaneously.

      I'm sorry to have bothered the board with this *OT*
      material here, as I personally do not like to discuss
      off-topic material in general. But did you notice how much
      time other bulls here spend discussing some bogus
      sports events etc. They have their place, but not here.
      So, I hope, a bit of OT dabbling by me here, in order
      to reply to you, would be tolerated.

      The KO
      board is not there for only bulls, or only bears, on
      the KO stock. Its for general discussion of all
      relevant ideas /opinions /concepts related to KO.

      regards to all,

    • I have some advice for you and I hope you don't
      take it wrong.
      My brother-in-law was a pilot for a
      long time in the air force US
      And he told me the
      SOP for when a fellow was in a dive with no hope of
      pulling out, the manuel said to bend over at the waist
      and kiss your butt goodby and quit whinning and die
      like a man.
      culater splattereddude

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