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  • Mkt4rap Mkt4rap Nov 11, 1998 12:13 AM Flag

    Howdy, texie; hi jekyll and mi amigo kin

    What did/who did/where is Buffy---have not seen
    any of his posts. He must be Serious 'bout making
    money regarding his woodworking skills. BTW, haven't
    noticed any posts from AllenPlace lately either. I just
    got in from the gulf @ lower Ala. things are still in
    a disaray down at Gulf Shores. The weather was
    beautiful and most agreeable except today. Temperatures
    reaching high in the 80's. But I guess that's common for
    all ya'll. In N.W. Ga., we've seen some frost so,
    hard freezes should be just around the corner.
    have recently noticed the lg. increase in the
    popularity of Ro-De-O's(Rodeo) and in western regalia. It
    seems that its starting to become a huge, money making

    Texie, have antique(1st gen) colts' increased in
    value much or how about the Winchester's(Mod. #(s)
    '73,'76,'92 etc.) ?

    I'll stand by and wait for any
    comments or views you may have.


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    • good to see you post that your vote
      for little fur business mr notbuffett is starting
      up...don't work so hard or we'll be missing little yellow
      rose of tejas here...elves do marvelous things like on
      this board...have another coke, ms texie, we will all
      be do'n it this weekend...some pretty gooc college
      games...will shake up that bowl championship thing a bit...but
      will be cheering on our dawgs and my ol'
      sports writer in the fl/ga times union actually picked
      the washington huskies to beat ucla...that would be
      nice fit...maybe no undefeateds this year and all up
      for grabs..keep smilin' ms texie and wishing you the
      best from jekyll

    • check this site,,,
      seems like ko starts selling water(bottled) and the stock goes down??? how come??? the down grade was on CCE What gives???

    • Ms Texie still here. I posted message 10524 on
      11/11 in reply to "Buffy's Furriers." Just a short
      acknoweledgment, though. My Nov. 11th and 12th messages are on my
      'puter now, but may not have been at the time you wrote.
      Been working kinda long hours all week due to boss
      being gone and us being short another worker. The
      little "elfies" haven't shut me down yet, unless they do
      it during the day when I am not here. A 6 pack of
      KO'S and a smile to you from-------------Ms Texie

    • Thanks for the consultation mi amigo. That is
      pretty much the way I had it figured out also. I see a
      per gallon price in WSJ the other day of
      .2550/gallon, does that seem about right to you? I O U 1 big
      COKE COLA! Su amigo para todas anos or until the
      fertilizer she hits the overhead propellar, DUDE!! ALWAYS

    • I fear that much of our banter here is like
      writing in invisible ink: you have to hold your monitor
      up to the fire in order to see the secret words else
      they will be lost to posterity, forever.


    • Please address your membership request by posting
      Notbuffet here on this very board. He will take credit info
      down to evaluate your acceptability, but unfortunately
      will accept only cash for the membership fee. You can
      try to negotiate the entry fee with him, but Buffy is
      very hardnosed when it comes to money. Certain barter
      trades are acceptable, especially KO securities, but you
      will need to send the original certificates, as we do
      not trust our BB to keep up with them in street name
      (it frequently loses our messages.)


    • Unfortunately, you will be buying LPG from a
      retailer with high per gallon prices. Come down here to
      Texas, and we will sell it to you by the thousand cubic
      feet at the wellhead. You will need to construct
      either a pipeline from the wells to where you want it as
      a fuel, or purchase some refrigeration equipment to
      break it down into its various components (methane,
      butane, propane, etc.) and some pressurized trucks to
      haul said components up to Paducah to promote your new
      neighbors the same way your LPG seller is now doing to you.
      Thank you for sending me a consulting paycheck, I hope
      those mail guys don't get it first...



    • seems there are no posts dated nov 11 or 12...what happened to everybody for two days? haven't seen a word from ms texie, either...wonder if yahoo elves unplugged her computer too...culater...jekyll

    • think the idea of a board meeting is a good
      one...volunteer the island convention center...nice and
      dry...nice and warm...btw what is name of this new fur
      enterprise? you're getting more of that wet stuff...get up
      high on your hill with rowboat handy and 'puter on
      flotation of luck...

    • My bb was frozen all afternoon, yesterday, but it
      is presently working. The Farmer's Almanac says that
      we will have an extremely cold winter in all of
      North America, starting later than usual (mid to late
      December), but ending late as well(late March.) If this is
      true (and they have called the last several years
      quite well), then there will be a supply problem with
      natural gas. Should this scenario play out, then the
      $1.50-$1.60/mcf that we got in October should at least double by
      January 31st. Hope the Farmers are correct in their

      PS You are right, we cannot indanger valuable
      livestock in an "underground river" without flotation


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