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  • kstorn kstorn Jan 13, 1999 12:18 PM Flag

    Fair value of course, (ha ha)

    KO has 6.7% sales growth and 0% earnings growth

    with only slight improvement expected for next

    OBviously this stock deserves a pe of 45. Why not 50 or
    with growth rates this explosive.

    If you
    cant tell, KO looks overvalued to me.
    disclosure i will say that i am buying Feb puts on
    and this is the only time i have purchased puts.

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    • Candidates for #3: INTC,MSFT,CSCO,DELL,SUNW,ORCL,LU.

      These are all well prepared to succeed in the second millenium.

    • No one can see the future but it is a good bet
      that KO is a good long-term investment.

      KO and
      HD are both good companies and both might be over
      priced. HD has better growth at the moment but KO has a
      brand name that is recognized all over the

      I think that KO has plenty of downside risk
      currently because of the problems in Asia and Latin America
      but those problems will eventually go

      seldom Coke but often Minute Maid Orange Juice (a ko

    • I went to the Torontoinvest web site that was in
      your last post. In the "Charlie Munger Speaks" article
      is the following statement:

      "In the United
      States, a person or institution with almost all wealth
      invested, long-term, in just three fine domestic
      corporations is securely rich."

      I believe that is a
      correct statement.

      My question to you is, what is
      your recommendation of 5-7 stocks from which the magic
      3 could be picked. As you know by now, Coke and
      Home Depot are two of mine.

      Looking forward to
      your response.

    • I am prepared to wait since I have over 20 years
      before I will need to cash out of my investments for
      retirement. Just to make sure I was not making a major
      mistake after reading your post, I printed the Yahoo
      price graph of KO vs. the S&P 500 for the maximum time
      period (25+ years). Looks like a good investment for my
      retirement. Are there companies that will do better than KO
      over the next 20 years. Yes. One that I think will is
      HomeDepot. I'm in their DRIP also.

      KO is part of my
      diversified portfolio. If I could have predicted the future
      12 months ago, I would have morgaged the house and
      loaded up on internet stocks. Unfortunately, I cannot
      predict the next 12 months either. I could guess like all
      the Wall Street types, but it would only be a guess.
      KO may not be the best stock in the market but it
      ain't too shabby either.

      Usually Coke but
      sometimes Sprite.

    • ...I hope you're prepared to wait a number of years.

      The Toronto Investment Club

    • Does anyone else think that the estimated 700-800
      billion moving into the market will be heavily weighed
      towards the S&P 500 stocks (and possibly KO)? I think
      that the board that will eventually oversee the funds
      will want that money to be relatively stable, but
      appreciating at least 7-15% annually, which sounds in line
      with most of the blue chips. Just wondered if anyone
      had input on this...

    • hey..the price you don't want to pay for msft
      would now appear to be 200 (or somewhere near
      there) when you mentioned short that a few mo ago i
      thought you we're playing with fire...(right up your
      alley eh)....i too would bet against intc (if i had
      your guts he he)

      isn't GE a little like, unpredictable....
      way...some will survive...who? home

      absolutely right on the game is fast't stand
      still for too long.

      here's something i came
      across you may find of interest regarding market
      tops...(and could negate the neccessity of your becoming the
      last to turn bullish)

      For subscription information call (800)
      or e-mail
      Stock Market

      While it is true that the next major wealth building
      phase on Wall
      Street will be in commodities, I would
      not want to underestimate the
      strength which could
      be demonstrated by the stock market between
      and September 1999. The final "blow-off" advances
      during historic bull
      markets like 1929 in the U.S.
      market and 1989 in the Japanese market
      can be
      exceptional as prices surge higher on investor euphoria.
      W.D. Gann said, "at the end of major yearly time
      cycles a great deal
      of money can be made in a short
      period of time". Needless to say, our
      stock market
      qualifies for this kind of consideration.
      of Price
      What is most appealing about the
      geometry of this market is the
      consistency of the
      corrections on the way up. The 2 month, 17 day
      between July 20 and October 8, 1998 fell eight days
      of the 2 month, 25 day decline in 1990. We have now
      advanced an
      incredible 14 years with no correction
      exceeding 2 months, 25 days. As
      a result of this
      consistent runaway pattern, we do not have to agonize
      guess when a final top will be in place. As soon as the
      declines more than 2 months, 25 days, regardless of when
      this occurs,
      it will be megaphoning that the bull
      market is complete. In our book,
      "How To Profit On
      the Major Moves In Futures and Options"
      with your subscription) we explain the importance of
      overbalancing dynamic. "Anytime a market (any market) exceeds
      largest point decline or the largest time period of the
      corrections on
      the way up in a bull market, it is showing
      that the momentum is
      shifting and that selling
      pressure is finally overcoming buying
      pressure. (In our
      market, this has not occurred since 1984). In
      Gann's list of 'Rules To Determine Selling Levels' he
      states, 'Sell
      when the first decline from the extreme
      highs exceeds in price and
      time the greatest
      correction in the preceding bull campaign.'
      overbalancing will be even more critical in our stock market by
      of two facts. 1. The length of time has been so
      great in this
      uninterrupted advance 2. The
      corrections have been so short-lived. I
      am confident this
      will allow us to sell out of investment
      and enter short positions very close to what will be
      the final highs.

    • So I'll hold my MSFT and INTC and YHOO because there is a price too high to pay, until they split. Then the game goes on.

    • earned $1.50 a share and the stock sell for
      around $63 dollars a share. A 3% dividend would come to
      $1.89 and this is more than the company

      Even worse, the earnings are flat and may even dip.
      The only way for the stock to pay a 3% dividend is
      for the stock price to drop. Three percent of $30 is
      90 cents! Is that what you want?

    • There is a price you don't want to pay for
      Microsoft and we are rapidly approaching it! Not a bad day
      for shorts. MSFT was one of the only losers. My
      shorts were as follows: Intel - 1 1/8, GE - 15/16, AOL
      -2 1/16, CCE -1 3/4, SCH +3 5/8, MSFT +6 7/8, YHOO
      -35 13/16. Up about 2% today which is a major
      accomplishment considering the roaring start we had on the day.
      Obviously, the majority won't have a chance when it gets
      rolling on the downside. Look at the behavior of Internet
      stocks today. Most people who had do go to work today,
      probably don't know what hit them! I sure wouldn't want to
      be long right now!


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