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  • CocaColaRocks CocaColaRocks Feb 9, 1999 11:31 PM Flag

    KO!!!! You're going the wrong way!

    I want in at $55.00. Time is on my side;
    it is. Hope I'm not making a mistake by
    Coca-Cola future is so bright, 2 - 3 years,
    I've got to
    wear shades.
    Will try to bottom fish for $55 or

    Average American teen drinks over 800 sodas
    year(hope it's Coke).

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    • This board is John's professional life and he
      demonstrates his leadership by controlling thought and
      expression on this board. So long as he can show leadership
      here, in his eyes and those of his followers, he is a

      Its a small life but it is his life.

      A little

    • information last week and then you posted on the board and I wanted to check the information out.

      You have prevented me from passing on incorrect information. Thanks.

    • I think you got it all's not a
      question of spelling but a question of concepts..and you
      seem to lose sight of the concept and dwel on the
      small details..if you conduct you professional life in
      this will never rise to leadership but
      remain a flunky all your life....

      a word of
      advice free....sell your Ko before you lose your

    • Not only are you incorrect you are an ignoramous. Oh, yeah put another nickel in that spell checker, HAR HAR HAR HAR HAR ALWAYS COCA-COLA!!!

    • BLS's plan has not been changed recently to add any restrictions.

    • if you are enrolled in the KO MESIP, you may
      change contributions or investment elections
      monthly...changes must be made by the 15th of the month and will be
      effective the first of the following month...good source of
      info is Coca-Cola website...check the FAQ or e-querie
      your question...CCE also has good site for this
      info...hope this helps...jekyll

    • been changed because employees have been buying
      and selling on a daily basis and have been doing this
      in such numbers that the stock has been manipulated
      on a daily basis.

      Intentionally, some
      employees have been playing the spread. Therefore, the
      company changed the rules for trading the

      Can you answer this: Was the plan changed recently? I
      want to know if my information is correct.

      for the plan. Any company can restrict trading in its
      own stock within a tax shelter. BellSouth has the
      right to do this. It is the law.

      Good luck with
      your plan.

    • but I think we hold similar views.

      people do not have a full deck and are missing all their
      spades and hearts. These poor people end up saying
      things like
      HAR HAR HAR or Always Coca

      Take care.

    • CAT has currency problems and it will hurt
      earnings for some time but CAT's pe is around 10. The
      downside risk is much lower than KO. In addition, CAT
      often sells it equipment with contracts that state
      dollars. This, to some extent, protects CAT from currency
      risks. KO cannot do that. It sells its products in the
      currencies of the countries that it deals in.

      I do
      promote CAT. I think it is a good buy for the long-term.
      At the same time, I do not think CAT is a better
      company than KO. I also own stock in HD but I think that
      it is over priced. I do not promote HD because there
      is a good chance that the stock will go lower before
      it goes higher.

      So HD and KO, in my opinion,
      are over priced. I own HD and I do not own KO. Their
      pe's are similar but their growth in earnings are not.
      HD will show earnings growth somewhere between 25
      and 35 percent for 1998. I expect it to be around 26
      or 27%. In two years, HD stock should be higher than
      its current stock price. The earnings should drive
      the stock higher. KO's earnings have been shrinking
      and the growth of the company should not be higher
      than 10% for the next couple of years. Ivestor has
      stated this and he runs the company. I'm just taking his
      word for it. In two years, we will all know where KO's
      stock price will be. Because I believe that HD will
      grow into its current stock price, I plan to hold my
      position but if I were to recommend a stock in that
      industry, I'd recommend Lowe's. Lowe's pe is lower than
      HD's and they have similar growth rates. Lowe's is the
      better buy even though I do not own the stock.

      As for Minute Maid. I've mentioned that product many
      times and that is what I drink. I seldom drink soda. KO
      is considering pushing bottled water but it is a low
      profit segment of the market. At least, KO claims that
      it is a low profit area. They have been clear on
      that point. Contact their customer service, I'm sure
      they will restate that position.

      I think KO
      will make more money from selling clothes with its
      logo than they will selling bottled water and they
      have begun to sell the rights to the logo to clothing
      companies. KO needs to find new sources for revenues and I
      think Ivestor is doing this.

      Take care

    • most of our forays into things other than
      concentrate have been dogs, including Minute Maid. KO has
      never made much money in juice. It's just another low
      margin, commodity driven category.

      As for water,
      now that PEP seems to be doing something with it,
      it's probably time to follow but the biggest
      opportunity continues to be soda. Pray for stability in the
      world economy!

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