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  • DoctorDonaldDuck DoctorDonaldDuck Jun 10, 1999 12:13 AM Flag

    Same old, Same old everyday!!!!

    About eight posters who say nothing about
    each day and think they are sooooooooo
    clever need
    to GET A LIFE. What a waste
    of time. If you
    recognize yourself, how
    saying something intelligent
    about Coca-Cola.
    I believe that the BOD will only
    give Ivester
    a few more months to get KO moving or
    In his two years its been all downhill
    with the missed opportunity to split at $89.

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    • Yes.

      The Wizard

    • buscadordelcombatientedeltor buscadordelcombatientedeltor Jun 12, 1999 7:41 PM Flag

      I just wanted you to know.
      I have lots and
      lots of every thing and mostly I am proud that I
      haven't let it effect my subject matter. To be humble tho
      superior is an art .
      To sell you bag of dung and have
      you proclaim it smells like roses is my aim.
      problem is where to fly this week. My flight crew has
      tired of the south of France and the world is so small
      now that I have a big Jumbo DC10.
      I just wanted to
      let you know a wealthy man has problems too.
      But I
      do appreciate the applause when I de-plane, my staff
      admires my humble style.
      I hope you don.t get the
      impression that I only have one plane.
      However it would
      be boastful to mention that, to people who only have
      one plane.
      Please don.t request loans I suggest
      you get your own, as I.

      Buscador del
      Combatiente del Toro de Hechos

    • might want to consider a magic carpet ride...flys high....let's ya down EEEEEEz

      PE 2hi

    • I've been checking out . Very well done stock services, worth looking into, enjoy!

    • Does a tri-motor Ford count as an aeroplane.
      I big time DC3 dude made 1939 airlines 1956-59.
      but I just a simple radio man looking for a home.
      common man is old

    • I own a plane, I apologize. I do not own a plane
      and I do not know how to fly.

      A company that I
      have a long working relationship with, when they found
      that I was going to be in the states for a month,
      offered me the use of their plane and pilot. Let me be
      clear, neither the plane nor pilot hang around waiting
      for me. We set up a schedule that both of us can live
      with and he comes and gets me.

      I appreciated
      the offer because the company was doing something
      nice but when I pay, I fly tourist. I have a little
      hat and a lot of cattle. I am very careful how I
      spend my money.

      Do you fly?

    • Entertainment Boulevard (EBLD) is an aggregator and broadcaster of streaming
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      EBLD is extremely undervalued compared to other
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      EBLD has already formed strategic and/or technical
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      EBLD wants
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      EBLD owns the
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    • dividends a few months ago. I would have to check
      on that. What I did was look up the current dividend
      and divided it by the trailing earnings per share.
      That gave the percentage the dividend are of

      Any time dividends are above 40%, as a general rule,
      the dividend is at risk. KO may be an exception to
      this "rule".

      But, KO's profits are flat and has
      a very high PE. In cases like this, it pays to be

      I am at a disadvantage to many of you. My work
      takes me away form the internet and for long periods of
      time, I have no clue what is happening. If you say
      dividends were raised, I take your word for it.

      This may be hard for many to undestand but there are
      villages in the world with only one telephone for the
      whole village and no internet.

      Take care.

    • go back and see what KO was trading in the 1920's. My family bought shares back then.

    • What kinda plane to you fly? Interested in knowing.

      The Wizard

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