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  • abevamr abevamr Aug 5, 1999 12:34 AM Flag


    it is the game of wall street that played every
    12 to 14 months.
    big firms dump millon of the
    shares regardles of positive earnnig from each sector,
    bring the prices down sometimes 50% (aol), then they
    buy and hold for 30 to 60 days. Then they sale at 30%
    to 50% profit .
    think about, why suddenly bad
    news hitting all sectors, 25 base
    point increase in
    interst rate was incorporsted when dow was 10900 at last
    fed meeting.
    go long...don,t sell at lost...and
    dont let them take you for ride.

    good luck.

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    • you Bozo. At least Ivester is smart enough to get
      $21mil., so here is the $64,000 question you must answer
      when you wake up from that pineapple-coconut Mai-Tai
      self-induced chronic haze you find yourself in. Why I am long
      this company, and if not long why do I spend my
      conscious time, as little as it is, belittling some guy who
      makes $21 mil, you MORON you!

    • The Great Cuban One had charisma and Ivestor as a
      right hand. Ivestor has niether..... I absolutely hate
      the idea of watching KO go through another 15 year
      period of sideways activity. Unless something is done
      soon to undo and turn around I fear the worst for KO
      investors. Some say it is not possible that KO will repeat
      1970 through 1985 but.....tell me what we've done
      since spring of 1996. I'm thinking of bailing
      dudes....someone convince me to stay.

    • Remember Robert our last CEO. What made him great?

    • That is a very Freudian comparison that you made
      there, pard, as a matter of fact Eisner is certainly the
      most overpaid exec. in the US business world. Old Walt
      would be turning in his place of rest now if he got
      wind of what Eisner and his ilk had done to DIS. Dis
      and KO are alike; they are two growth stocks who no
      longer grow due to (bad) management...Bottom line = Bad
      maagement should NOT be rewarded.


    • Hey,

      Hope you had a good wkend. Mine was
      pretty good but lots of rain (something you probably
      haven't seen in a while)

      I play short and long,
      not much arb stuff. I know there are better shorts
      than KO, but I just have a sm pos b/c I hate the fact
      that it trades so expensive for so long.

      like LEHroy?

      Have a good one.


    • ...just call your local bottler...tell them you have a conumer complaint...believe me they'll be at your doorstep the bottle.....

    • I purchased a bottle of Coke a few months back
      and noticed there was a piece of what appeared to be
      plastic floating at the top of the as yet to be opened
      bottle. Can some one give the the address (and department
      @ coke) that would handle this problem?

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    • Check out the after hours trades at

      This after hours stuff sure is wild. Just
      look at what's happening with AOL and some of the
      other big boys.

      Just type in the symbol for a
      company and see what they're doing after hours.

      This is a really great tool to have on days when the
      market is going crazy or news/ financial statements have
      come out for (KO)

      Good luck and here's the
      link again:

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