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  • library_maven library_maven Sep 19, 1999 9:12 PM Flag

    Moody's confounds the skeptics

    Moodys Investors Service's ratings belie the
    amateur analysts on this board who are spreading nonsense
    concerning unmanageable debt levels, KO's demise, etc. Read

    Notice the second and third paragraphs:

    " The
    upgrades are based on CCE's increasing importance as the
    largest U.S. and international bottler in the Coca-Cola
    system and Moody's expectation that the already close
    strategic alignment between CCE and The Coca-Cola Company
    (KO) will continue to strengthen."

    "We also
    expect that the Coca-Cola system - which includes KO and
    its global bottling affiliates - will maintain an
    extraordinarily powerful brand franchise, increasingly efficient
    marketing and distribution capabilities, strong cash
    generation, and ample financial flexibility."

    Keep the
    faith, KO supporters! The bear noise will be subsiding
    as time goes on.

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    • I've bought KO at $55 three times in the past few
      years,the first when the DOW was down 500 points.The last
      time was last week.

      The first time I sold at
      $75,the second at $65 and this time....who

      One thing I notice from before was the gloomy posts
      at the time I bought.Then once the buying started,it
      was like everyone was dog piling on KO at once before
      it went higher.

      I don't know if I have a
      point but KO isn't going away,thats for damn

      $55's been good to me with this one and slowing
      sales,competitive bashing manuvers or KO taking a quarter to write
      off any bad currency losses is just the chances I
      look for when investing with this one.

      been sideways quite some time and don't forget KO buys
      back stock when it gets cheap.

      A 32 PE is
      average as someone wrote,but sooner or later the rush to
      buy KO will again start and it happens fast and when
      things look their worst.

      Just rambling,


    • i still think somehow you have got your priorites
      mixed up...i agree....not losing capital #1 important
      player rule...but first you have to buy can never lose capital if you don't buy anthing

      some day you will buy? when the P/E is right?

      we shall see...

    • shares of KO are traded. There isn't any way that
      the discussions on this board have an impact on the
      price of the stock. I have no guilt because I do not
      think that KO's trend is related to this

      As for sending money to my broker. I only send in
      money after my orders are executed. The SEC allows
      three days between execution and payment. So my check
      is not on its way.

    • I think we are close if not already at the
      trough. Even the ANALyst at Morgan (and all the other
      talking heads today) are expecting sequential volume
      growth. KO is investing its' butt off in new and existing
      markets to grow future and cement current share. The
      ANALyst said that KO had not cut expenses at the same
      speed as the slow down in volume. Well duh! We aren't
      building a smooth quarterly earnings machine. We are
      building the world's #1 (and #2 also in most) beverage
      company in each and every market in which KO steps foot.
      It is in these times of global weakness that those
      who continue to spend to build will seperate
      themselves from the "other" guys (er: Puksie).

    • message. I agree that KO will not go to $20 but I
      do believe that $40 is possible.

      If KO had a
      PE of 30, the stock would be close to $40 and yet
      the stock would still have a multiple above the
      market average.

      With all the problems the
      company has and the shock many KO investors are in, they
      may begin to dump shares.

      In a way, I'd hate
      to see that because I really do like the company and
      expect the stock to come back. The tone of this board
      has really changed. I bet the feelings among KO
      stockholders in general has changed too.

      Take care and
      good investing.

    • with JP Morgan, it would be unfair. But,
      companies are always maintaining a relationship with the
      investment community. At times, they will met with
      representatives of many companies and at times, with individual

      I do not know why it is one way and then
      another. Perhaps, JP Morgan requested a meeting.

      What we do know is that the meeting occurred and JP
      Morgan than issued a public statement. This we know for

    • happinessissittinginthesun happinessissittinginthesun Sep 22, 1999 10:46 PM Flag

      Another 14 months of the same and Coca-Cola will
      worth nothing. I do hope they continue to make it
      I do like my daily fill. I used to buy it at a
      nickle a
      bottle in th 1940s and if the price
      continues to drop
      it may again sell for that

      Americans sure know how to screw up a good thing.
      American institution bites the dust.

      My survey says
      that 116 people read this board and about
      39 post
      so we don't make a heck of a lot of

      It's spring way down south so maybe a few more
      of Coke to quench Peru's thirst.

    • not only that..the tide comes in and the tide goes out...

    • I've pasted it below. But, it sometimes takes a
      few years to establish the range. Just because KO has
      had problems for two years does not mean the range is
      established. I think it is just setting up and it will have a
      lower bottom.

      Time will tell.

      I guess what I meant to say was that KO the
      business had to catch up to KO the
      stock. Great
      companies (1 of a kind companies) like KO don't dive, they
      trade in a range sideways to work off the
      excesses. Sometimes this takes years,
      sometimes it

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