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  • anchor1112 anchor1112 Sep 27, 1999 3:01 PM Flag


    coke will be up more that a dollar today. check the news for coke.

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    • are really trading posts. Toggle back to your
      post that I am responding to. What in the heck are you
      talking about?

      I know what I believe but an
      realistic enough to know that I might be wrong. That is why
      I go to great lengths to qualify what I

      Though I believe that KO is over-priced and will go
      lower, I realize that I may be wrong. What is incorrect
      in explaining that. Is it really necessary to always
      be correct?

      Any investor who has invested for
      several years has made mistakes. It goes with the
      territory. The longer someone invests, the more they come to
      terms with this truth.

      Think about it.

    • do you not believe even yourself...did you not
      just describe how to determine what you now ask as a
      ?.....time will one can tell a
      gamble at best...was a bit oversold perhaps...

    • money. To explain what big money is to me. This
      is not the same thing as saying what I consider a
      big trade.

      Those are two different

      As for being wealthy, I prefer to keep my personal
      wealth to myself but I am comfortable. If I wanted to, I
      could retire and not work again but that is not in my

      Perhaps you have read the Millionare Next
      Door. If you have not, I suggest that you do. It is a
      very interesting book and you might pick up some very
      interesting points.

      I see that KO is doing very well
      today. The question I have, is it a turn-around or just
      a one day blip?

    • big money = institutions.....institutions posting
      on KO or other boards...i doubt it..maybe an odd
      ball here and there....a CEO or

      >>The stock is going to do what it will do and what we
      say has no
      influence at all.<<< ""Just
      how much big money do you think posts on this
      board?"" **

      your answer to "big money" appears to
      me to be out of context to/with your original ?

      i may ofcourse be wrong here..but i have heard
      block trades are considered to be 10,000 shares or KO's case lets just say 10,000 x 50= 500,000$ per
      block... purchase or i see it...depending on how
      many 'big blocks' YOU can buy at any given point in
      time may be big money here (on KO board)
      yet not be an institutional investor....

      you are saying/defining big money as "not"...say
      50,000 shrs and 2.5 mil $.....YOU MUST BE ONE WEALTHY
      TEACHER..or injun dude

      You are an institution..?? har
      har har

      if you are planning to buy your 10,000
      block (when you buy) i will consider you to be big
      money as relates to individual investers here at KO
      board...and your advice may then be considered influential
      here....if you are hoping to buy 200 shares...who gives a
      rats a-- whether you would buy or not..

      P.S. to
      WIZ of is the rat farm coming...what are the
      possibilities of cloning the big ones...have we attracted any
      'big money' institutional investors yet?..

    • institutional investors who manage tens of

      Big money for individuals is more difficult to
      describe. If someone had ten to twenty million dollars and
      used most of it to invest, I'd be willing to consider
      that big money.

      I do not consider a net worth
      of one or two million as big money.

      answered your question. Now, how do you difine "big

    • you might just be surprised how much big money posts on this board...

      everything is do you define "big money"..or what is "big money" to you?

    • The joke is old now. The joke of Ivestr running
      or ruining the company is even older. I wish I had
      been a short. Please go now to give more private
      "heads up" meetings with other investment banks while
      regular shareholders get screwed mr. Ivester. Go tell the
      Wall Street bankers why you are such a bad manager.

    • Why wait and sell at what 45.00 40.00
      Where its a real value?
      Wheres that.
      5% growth.
      where else is it going to grow.
      Aliens comming to
      town to buy Coke.
      This stock could end up at $
      20.00 What are you gonna do then ?
      Are you still
      holding K Mart that you bought at 20.00.
      sooooo much shares outstanding. Its going to be a long
      road down.

      Good luck

    • Sir: I have honestly attempted to outline to Mr.
      B Johnson the necessity of determining a
      shareowners identity. Anyone can post on this KO board and
      state they are a shareowner. However we simply could
      not respond to all requests for information without
      determining the true status in terms of shareowner identity.
      To do otherwise would seriously impact our
      credibility and our responses would be meaningless and a
      waste of our valuable time. Thank you for your inquiry.
      Should you wish to identify the name in which your
      shares are registered, we here at the Coca-Cola company
      will try to provide the required information, as we
      always do.

    • sorry to see it, looks like the beginning of a drop to the low 40's - todays heavy selling pressure wasn't pretty to watch.

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