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  • The_Gypsy_The_Barber The_Gypsy_The_Barber Nov 3, 1999 12:33 PM Flag

    using a false id

    ant to tell
    you about Bow boeShe is the entertainment director
    for the Gypsy band of 200 ,The Chicken liberators
    ofAmerica Inc.She got long black hair and deep emerald
    green eyes and a pair of gold earrings the size ofa
    slop-jar lid, the dress she wears when working is make of
    silk and lace that floats whenshe twirls and dances on
    tiny feet wrapped in the leather of unborn Vicu�a
    calves .Around her neck is the trophies she has earned
    from a thousand admirers suspendingjewels beyond
    compare . Her long slender fingers ate tipped with purple
    nails and filed toprotect her own.The rings are on
    every digit that sparkle in the moon light so as to
    brighten her path as sheskips merrily to and fro.Her purse
    is hidden in her ample torso.She never needs to
    spend for the other gypsies take care of all her needs
    .Her laugh is like the morning dove and the echo
    resounds in your ears long after she has departed.She
    loves to drink Coca-Cola and I hear is a big
    stockholder .She has heard all the stories you are thinking
    of telling and can throw a dagger true to agnats
    navel at 100 yards . Tough and sweet and smart as hell
    that is the Gypsy party planner.You want be Gypsy too
    after you see Bow-Boe.Gypsy The Barberfriend of Bow

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