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  • BenGrahamMan BenGrahamMan Dec 18, 1999 1:20 PM Flag

    question for longs re: Warren Buffett

    I have studied Coke for many years. I can see why
    Berkshire purchased up through the mid 90's. Do you still
    think Coke fits his buying criteria, if so why. When I
    look at Value Line I am amazed at the weak
    fundamentals. Growth rate, revenue growth, p/e, p/b/ p/s,
    current ratio, they all show weakness. Does anyone else
    notice this ? Why the p/e of 50 when there is arguably
    no growth. Some of the growth is attributable to
    financial engineering via the bottlers. Am I missing
    something ?

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    • I just saw him pumping gas in Norcross.
      are no relatives that will let him in the house
      A phony Indian or a turncoat Fort Indian.
      grandpa wore a blue coat.
      No pride in his people says
      they are welfare
      bums and no ambition living on the
      reservation a man that hates his own is sick.
      the spirit
      will never let him rest.
      A real Native
      proud and strong and respectful of my history


    • <<and for your information, at this moment,
      Jimmy, Tanu and I are all in the same

      I bet that you're all sitting in the same chair,
      eating the same plate of food with the same fork (i.e.,
      you are the same person).

      Peace to you

      P.S. I am not John.

    • Merry Christmas - I hope you boys are drinking Coke products at least this holiday!

    • holidays and for your information, at this moment, Jimmy, Tanu and I are all in the same room.

      None of us believe you are Native American. But, we do think you are John.

      Are we correct?

    • jimmyecon has one thing ogden doesn't seem to have..........integrity!!

      P.S. to wen ho....good luck on the law suit

    • you know it.

      Tannu worked with my cousin
      and posted for a few days on this board.

      did not like the broad, said so and said he would not
      post again.

      Only then did someone question who
      he was.

      When I get back to Georgia, I will
      find that series of posts and prove it.

      I do
      not care what you say about me, but I want it to be
      true. Your post is not correct and you know it.

    • under the name of tannu-something. Someone called him on it and he stopped immediately.

    • Jimmycon & ogden are the same person- look at profile edit dates. Neither own Coca-Cola and probably never will, the tight-wads!!!


    • Ogden is all the stupid posters with bear talk

      he is trying to impress us with his bs.
      He is to
      stupid to know when he is being insulted .
      He is a
      loser and a very poor one at that.
      He is like a
      spectator to a poker game he brings no money to the table
      takes no part in the game but won't shut his damn mouth
      so the players can play the game.

      A kicking
      horse can not pull and a pulling horse cannot
      This ogden/jimye/canucanoe/numnuts.
      is all bark and
      no bite.
      Once he said he puts the ko board on a
      big screen in his class room next time he says he
      does not use this forum in his class.
      He has woven
      a tangled web .
      he is not a real indian just
      from the ofspring of the Fort/Scout indians that
      played with the soldiers.
      littlebird a real Indian

    • I have come to the conclusion that you are
      posting under several ID's. The sentence structure, etc.
      are very similar and each of the ID's present the
      same argument and reinforce what the other ID's post.
      The other ID's are jimmyecon and

      Last update for ogden391 was June 8, 1999
      update for jimmyecon ID was June 8, 1999
      Last update
      for canucanoe1 ID was July 14, 1999

      It isn't
      against any law, but if it is a fact, then it is a little
      unethical so to speak.

      Since you profess to be in
      education, I will assume that is truthful and will ask you
      to answer yes or no to the following specific
      questions. I will take you at your word.

      1. are you
      posting, or have you posted under the ID jimmyecon

      2. Are you posting, or have you posted under the ID

      No offense, but I would like to know.

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