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    • group will do stupid things.

      The difference between you an me is that I am smarter than you.

      Being dumb is relative. But, relative to me, you are pretty stupid.

    • You know the Girlfriend was delivering the
      secrets to her boss that is why she was dating a stupid
      Indian hell she could have had a smart goodlooking
      Irishman .
      But the Indian a typical Jar head in
      And now you know the rest of the story

    • January I recommended VSIN.OB when it was 31
      cents a share. Did you buy any?

      Check it out,
      this is a dog meat stock that is traded on the pink
      sheets and now sells for $3 7/16.

      That is a ten
      bagger in six months. I guess you don't want to think
      about that, do you? Buying enough of this 31 cent stock
      could have made you some real money. Think what 10,000
      shares would have cost and then think what it would be
      worth now. Think about it. Think real hard.

      don't usually deal in pink sheet stocks but this was an
      exception. I tried to get Bowboe to buy some. As far as I
      know, she never did. Instead, she bought KO and is up a
      few dollars a share.

      I do appreciate the tip
      on OWC. The extra money came in handy when I needed
      to unload something. It was just luck that when I
      looked around, it was the stock that looked the weakest
      and I sold it. Got lucky twice. I bought low, not the
      bottom but low and then sold high. Exactly how it is
      supposed to work but usually doesn't.

    • CAT. I'm down right now on that investment but
      I'm still buying.

      Look at the PE, it around a
      12 and the yield is almost 4%. Dividends are about
      50% of profits and so they ought to be safe.
      Remember, CAT just increased its dividend.

      look at KO, its dividend for the past tweleve months
      was greater than it income. That does not sound like
      a secure dividend if it continues.

      I like
      CAT because it has value. Good earnings and a
      reasonable multiple. Just because it is down now, does not
      mean it will not be higher in the future.

      KO, at some point, KO will go beyound $80 again but I
      think it is going to be a long time.

      When not
      bring up CREE. I'm still holding it. I'm way up but it
      was much higher. Think about it, I could have gotten
      out with much more money. Of course, you know I'm in
      at $11 and don't want to bring that up.

      about CBRL. Last December I told this board it was a
      good buy. Did you buy any? You could have earned 50%
      on your money.

      Once again, I try to buy
      value and then I ride out the dips. I've purchased CAT
      several times but since I've bought CAT mostly at two
      prices, near $40 and at $35, I'm not hurting with CAT.
      Come to think of it, with dividends, I might be even
      or up a little. I'll have to check on that.

      Have a good day. By the way, if I didn't post here,
      who would you post to?

    • ...our dear sir ogden has taken a bit of a hit on
      the CAT may be in a bit of a grumpy mood
      heh.....and the fact that he didn't buy KO at 43.......hope
      his r/e investments in savannah and sea island are
      going better for him...(maybe the image of ogden in a
      tent on sea island will bring a bit of humor
      here).......roi tells the whole to you,
      rev........just T.P.

    • a girl friend who worked for the KGB. That is
      none of my business.

      Marines can date who they
      want to. But, if they date someone more than a certain
      number of times, I think three, and work for an embassy,
      they have to report who they are dating.

      I do
      remember reading about this case but not the details. If
      he is in Ft. Levenworth, it was not because he dated
      someone working for the KGB. He must have provided her
      with sensitive information. If that is the case, he
      belongs in Levenworth.

      As for social classes. It
      isn't hard to know you are not someone I would want to
      associate with. You just are not a very nice person.
      Someone did a very poor job of raising you.

    • (I doubt I would have known you anyway. I'm
      pretty sure we travel in very different social groups.)

      Thats the nicest thing you ever said to me . But I have
      circle of friends in your class but I don't lend them
      money so don't get your hopes up.

      however I
      didn't actually know the Marine I just knew about him
      had a Russian girl friend who worked for the KGB.

      I guess he is still in Ft. Levenworth. got 20 years
      in the early 80's ( That is not my social group) how
      about you ?

    • It does not matter that 5 to 8 million shares
      change hands each day. Every time an exchange takes
      place, one person believe the stock is going up and the
      other believes it is going down. That is why there is a

      Now, if there is high volume and the stock rises, that
      is an indication that there are more buyers than
      sellers but since KO has traded in a range between $45
      and $65 for a long time, it does not appear that the
      market does in fact see higher prices. What we have are
      two general beliefs that contradict and that is why
      you see the volatility.

      As for KO's high PE,
      I already explained that to you. KO had write-offs
      last fiscal year. The PE is based on trailing earnings
      and don't take into account those write-offs.
      Therefore, the PE is actually lower than it appears if the
      write-offs are factored. How many times is it necessary to
      explain something to you?

      I did not serve in the
      Soviet Union when I was in the Marines. I was discharged
      from active service in 1966.

      I doubt I would
      have known you anyway. I'm pretty sure we travel in
      very different social groups.

    • So what you have that opinion and the market has
      another so what.
      What you believe is not
      Your opinion is subject to error or are you

      The fact of the matter is the price the market is
      willing to pay is in fact the value of the
      My point is you started bashing KO when it had a pe
      of 40 the market says it sees a justification at

      5 to 8 million shares a day that is the market
      place speaking.

      You disagree that is
      Now that you have posted your opinion and you have no
      vested interest in KO.




      is my opinion you can take it free,

      There is
      no charge.

      The Embassy thing was:
      I knew
      an Indian that was in the Marines that worked there.
      wrong Indian I guess.

    • you can get.

      To compare HD and KO when it
      comes to pe is meaningless. HD is growing at a rate of
      25 to 30% a year. KO for the past several years has
      actually contracted. With growth of 25% a year, HD will
      double in less than three years. KO cannot do that.

      HD deserves a higher PE than KO but at this moment,
      KO has an 87 PE. Even if it doubles its profits this
      year, its PE will be in the 40s.

      We do agree on
      one point, HD's pe may be too high. But, as I've said
      many times, I am a buy and hold investor and I've held
      HD for a long time. My capital gains are great
      enough to make it worth waiting out dips. This is only
      true because HD is growing. If HD's prospects were
      like KO's, I'd bail out and pay my capital gains.

      KO will never again grow at the rate that HD is
      growing now. KO is already in most countries of the
      world. At some point, growth has to slow down.

      fact, if you read some of Daft's announcements, he even
      stated that profits and not growth will be KO's future
      goal. He realizes that growth is not limitless. The
      company talks about volume growth below 10% as a goal and
      hopes for profits to increase by as much as 15%. These
      are company stated goals. Now, with those goals,
      explain how KO should have a higher PE than HD. Even
      more, explain why KO is worth an 87 PE.

      give you some help on this. KO's profits last year
      were artificially low. The company took write-offs on
      Ivesters' watch. Therefore, this year the company ought to
      see significant increases in profits. But, what about
      next year?

      The write-offs were a single event
      there is no second year impact.

      I might be a
      pompous ass but at least I'm an informed one. Now,
      exactly, what factual investment information have you
      posted? My memory slips me on this. I cannot remember one
      single point. Surely, I'm, mistaken. There must of been
      at least one point.

      AS for Russia, I've been
      to the Soviet Union twice and went back to Russia
      and Belarus after the USSR went out of business. Just
      what is your point about the embassy?

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