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  • dragonball369 dragonball369 Nov 9, 2000 5:17 PM Flag

    Gore is winning bigtime after the recou


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    • I heard from the grapevine, they only have until COB on Tuesday, Nov., 14th and a great Patriotic American is winding all this nonsense up, come hell or high water!


    • Numerous recounts are not required, nor
      advisable. I personally think this should have been resolved
      by now, or at least when the overseas votes are
      counted. What is the holdup there? Do they come in on a

      The rules were in place prior to the election,
      everyone in authority knew, or should have known about
      "chads" and anyone too stupid to read a ballot thoroughly
      before punching should have thier vote declared invalid.
      That should be self-evident, and anyone wanting to be
      fair and impartial, whether Democrat or Republican
      would have to agree.

      Too many people are butting
      in that have no business doing so. You refer to the
      Republican Secretary of State. How about the Democratic
      Attorney General?

      I say count the votes on Friday
      from the overseaa ballots and let the chips fall where
      they may, be it Democrat or Republican, but let's get
      this over with - it is beginning to hurt this country
      and the longer it goes on, the more the division -
      not to mention our image around the world. We send
      Jimmy Carter off to monitor votes in other countries.
      Hell, let's set our priorities correctly, call him back
      and let him monitor this fiasco.

    • We are not dealing with computer punch cards
      punched by a keypunch machine.
      We are dealing with
      ballot punch cards punched by a human with a
      punch. Variation in pressure and result is much wider.

      Massuchusetts banned punch card ballots in 1996 after finding
      counting to be unreliable. Based on the findings in a
      disputed 1996
      election there, the Mass. Secretary of
      State estimates that Florida may
      have tens of
      thousands of partially punched ballots. We'll have a
      idea of the true number when the first manual recounts
      come in there.

    • (You ask why would the winning candidate request
      a recount. The answer is
      simple. Punching cards
      doesn't always leave a clean hole.)

      You are
      talking to an old mainframe computer dude I have never
      seen a chat stick.
      When you stack a deck of IBM
      cards they are rippled like you would a deck of
      After they have been through the sorter it would be in
      my opinion impossible to have a

      Let me fill you in there are 80 columns on a card,
      the card is fed through a card reader that
      has 80
      columns of steel wire brushes ,
      As the card passes the
      read station the places that have holes punched allows
      the steel
      brush to make contact with the conductor
      drum which allows a current to pass indication
      Now the card is 7 thousands of an inch thick
      and the picker knife is set to allow a card
      pass that is between 6 and 7 thousands thick.
      two cards stick together there will be a jam in the
      reader like if the chad is stuck and
      hanging down and
      my some miracle does not get torn off the card will
      jam and stop the
      If the reader is set
      to allow the card and the chad pass it will also
      allow 2 cards to pass or
      jam which usually tears up
      a dozen cards.
      the cards are so sensitive that
      the edges must be sealed to prevent moisture from
      them to swell and jam the reader.
      Show me the chad
      that is hanging down, after the card has been through
      the reader.
      Just one.

    • You ask why would the winning candidate request a
      recount. The answer is
      simple. Punching cards doesn't
      always leave a clean hole. Machines fail
      to count
      many legitimate votes. Manual recounts will increase
      the count
      for both candidates. A candidate in
      danger of seeing his lead evaporate by
      a manual
      recount in counties where his opponent runs strong should
      ask for
      a manual recount in counties where he
      himself runs strong.

      Florida law requires requests
      for manual recounts to be made within 72
      hours of
      the Tuesday deadline set by the Republican Secretary
      of State.
      That deadline passed on Saturday. Yes,
      it's a technicality. Both sides are
      scratching for
      any advantage they can get, including technicalities.
      their right. We are, after all, a nation of laws (that
      is, technicalities).

      You sound like a
      Republican. I wouldn't worry. If the Republicans fail
      suppress the manual recounts in the Democratic counties, I
      am confident
      that they will get the Republican
      Secretary of State or the courts to allow
      them to
      request manual recounts in Republican counties, even
      though the
      deadline might have passed. If it allows
      us to get a more accurate count of
      the total
      vote, it's for the best.

    • Hey this is just a technicality you democrats
      going to deprive the folks in the pan handle
      their right to have their vote counted on a mere
      And furthurmore:
      Why would a winning candidate
      request a recount by hand or machine.
      That is like a
      football team that scored a touchdown to ask for a replay
      to see if it
      was indeed a score or maybe it
      should not count.
      I think any Democratic state
      official taking part in the hand count should be required
      take a polygraph test.
      The systematic way the
      numbers just keep increasing for Gore each time they
      handle the ballots.

    • apparently is something the Republicans are not looking for in this matter......, and the question is ..........., "why"?


      Michael Z.

    • Yes, there is a time limit to request a manual
      recount. As I understand it, it's 72 hours after the
      election. The Republicans, trying to discourage any
      recounts, apparently missed the deadline for requesting
      their own recounts in Republican counties. But, did
      they? Veteran's Day, November 11, was celebrated in
      Florida on Friday. Does that state holiday, which fell
      during the 72 hour period, count as part of the 72 hours
      or not? If not, the Republicans still have today to
      request their recounts. Maybe the courts will have to
      decide this calendar question. It's clear that the two
      parties are not going to agree on anything. Fascinating!

    • This IS mikie you are trying to reason with.

      Good luck.


    • Apparently there are time limits for requesting
      re-counts, time limits for FL counties to complete their
      counts/re-counts, etc., etc. I can't pretend to foresee all the
      permutations and commutations.

      Believe the Dems are
      asking for a re-count now in a fifth heavily Dem county,
      so the time limit for candidate-requested re-counts
      must not be past.

      Also notice both Dems and
      Repubs are canvassing for a few million dollars to pay
      for their parts of this.


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