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  • the_stock_don the_stock_don Feb 6, 2002 11:46 AM Flag

    Canada is virtually all ADI/Aware ADSL

    The #1 ADSL supplier to Canada has been, and is still, Newbridge. Newbridge is now owned by Alcatel, but the Newbridge division still uses Aware powered ADI ADSL chipsets...although probably not exclusively.

    Aware's success in the U.S. has been limited mainly to the CLECs, but look for that to change over the next year with U.S. Robotics, Intel and possibly others.

    The U.S. is not the leader in ADSL. ADSL is being deployed in much higher volume in countries outside the U.S., which is, coincidentally, where ADI/Aware is the strongest.

    ADI/Aware chips are being deployed in mass volume in Germany, France, China, Korea and numerous other countries in Europe, Asia and South America.

    While it may appear dismal now for Aware longs, just be patient, things will improve dramatically for Aware and the ADSL market over the next 6-12 months.


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    • You said that AWRE did not offer:


      I gave you the proof that AWRE does offer G.SHDSL and regards this as technically and operational the replacement of SDSL so they don't offer SDSL.

      Pure and simple:)

    • study covad and check out mcld and ???

    • As usual here is another one of Stock Don's half-truth's....

      Newbridge which is owned by Alcatel has only "licensed" to us G.lite technology way back in 1996. Newbridge is NOT shipping out modems with Aware IP in its current installs for consumer or business products.

      The Most widely used DSL in Canada is being serviced by NORTEL NETWORKS. Nortel which used to develop a modem with Aware IP dropped the consumer line altogether. So did Cisco and so did ADCT. Now all three of those aforementioned companies sell Business NETWORKED DSL and they aren't using anything from Aware....

      As a matter of fact NEC is another example of how it used to make a chip that was G.lite compliant but the market forces being what they are have "dissed" Aware IP.

      Maybe one day will be forced to open up its SEC documents & tell you guys who customer # 1-8 are in its SEC documents. Then you will get an idea of how small Aware IP is being utilized in the Grand scheeme of the DSL rollout. Just like the announced ADI/ USR deal. ADI does NOT have to continue to use AWARE IP. It has no exclusive contract. So don't be swayed when someone mentions is a has been ; it is a wannabee right now. Just like Aware is a wannabee. It wants to be a Market leader, but it is a Market Laggard.....

    • Hi, G..., good to hear from you. xelance

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