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  • tbpatter tbpatter Oct 7, 1999 3:45 PM Flag

    Per MSN Earnings 10/14/99

    I was just at the 3Com website. They have two
    ADSL modems listed under the "HomeConnect" brand name:
    one with Alcatel chipset (internal modem) and one
    with ADI chipset (external). The internal does not
    comply with many of the standards, including G.Lite, but
    the external one does.

    Also, their one router
    listed contains an ADI chipset. But I doubt if Bell
    Atlantic is using it.

    Regarding 3Com paying
    royalties: if they are shipping ADI chipsets then they *buy*
    them from ADI. ADI in turn pays a royalty to

    Hope this helps!

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    • In other words..just because 3COM builds a
      product with an ADI
      chip doesn't necessarily mean that
      revenue immediately flows
      back to Aware...All Retail
      products are subject to being brought
      they don't work...not sure exactly what
      rules will be for this product...but if you notice this
      may or may not work depending on your

      (It is written in fine print on Website)

      Atlantic says they will notify you in 7 days whether
      can or cannot hook you up.

      The $200 modem may
      or may Not work...then Sale is subject
      to call you think a royalty will be paid....I am
      sure & Aware nor ADI seem to want to discuss the

      • 2 Replies to baltybum
      • Getting Bell Atlantic Dsl service is a snap. You
        simply go online at and type
        in your phone number. The response is immediate. If
        you qualify, someone will call you the next day.
        Install within 2 weeks. Dsl service is a reality and
        increasing every day. Look at the stock prices of companies
        like NTPA, a company for Dsl and the web. Whether AWRE
        is a good stock is another story. Earning will tell
        the story.

      • another very risky aspect of G.Lite is
        by the time it is ready for the prime time in a
        couple of years, full rate T1.413 ADSL will have
        established market position and presence to the point that
        G.Lite may become essentially irrelevant.
        As far as
        the assertion that it will work without
        splitter, first of all it is false, microfilters to
        phone in the house will be required anyway (you can not
        have too many phones in the house by the way, 3 or 4
        max or you are screwed both ways: with and without
        microfilters), second of all, it is not clear if installation of
        the splitter by a telco
        is really such a big deal.
        It is really one time shot.
        You get it once and
        that is all. Then you can get in many
        cases up to 6
        megabits per sec downstream with full rate ADSL instead of
        1.5 megabits per sec (maximum downstream) with
        telcos will be soon installing splitters in all new

        Many of you may not realize it, but in reality
        implementation is much more complex then full rate T1.413.
        to date, progress in T1.413 implementation is
        compared to G.Lite. In other words, from time to
        prospective T1.413 is almost there and G.Lite has at
        several years to go. This is huge time to market

        Another high risk aspect of G.Lite is that telcos do not

        really understand how to market it. They are afraid
        problems and complaints related to abcense of
        telco-installed splitter.

        If the scenario I described
        above comes true, at that point
        AWRE is out of
        business alltogether. No revenues for them.
        All goes to
        TI, 3com, Alcatel, Pairgain, Efficient Networks
        In other words, silicon manufacturers an
        Royalties will be paid to a few big companies like TI
        possibly Alcatel.

        So, people you have got something
        to think about if you
        want to invest in ADSL
        business. Trust me, making money
        off of DSL is not a
        simple project.

    • Guess that press release didn't tell you that the
      3Com ADSL modem
      requires a tape or Cd to install it
      plu it seems the deal ONLY
      hooks up to the BELL

      THE 3COM ADSL MODEM being purchased by Consumers is a

      The Ethernet version requires a technician to install
      it & they
      (3com) tell you on their website that
      is is NOT directly sold
      to Consumers, It must be
      sold to an ISP or CLEC first.

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