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  • jamespage8080 jamespage8080 Nov 29, 2011 10:27 PM Flag

    Spring 2012 Class Action Lawsuit Will Take Place

    A class action lawsuit is brewing and underway. Spring 2012 will take place a major Class Action Lawsuit against NCR for price fixing and employee wages as well as criminal charges for manipulating their logistics.

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    • The tent I had popped up in 2 minutes and went over the top of the unit it came down even faster and then went in a bag, cost the cash $2000 for my last one. They worked great.

    • I believe you now. Your description is very credible on a availability night at times. I used to get calls to 7-11 after midnight to work on their BNA. That is very dangerous even with a guard. I'm glad I don't have to sleep with a blackberry on anymore. I was looking like sheet too. Aged many years in a hurry.

    • I agree I have a family and 2 kids . I was asked by a few of the other guys . Are you sure there yours? I remember when we got 50 bucks just for being on call. I also had High Blood presser and took meds to control it . I can not forget the time I was paged in the middle of the night to go fix a stupid printer at 7-11 . The worst was when I was woke up at 4:30 am for a major problem at lowes . All the registers had no customer displays and a few cash drawer would not work. I found out the store POS UPS which was not ours to take care . The tech was doing a upgrade and it sent a surge to all the registers . I actually won CE of the year for all I did was there 28 hours. The NCR tent was a part number CES could order for working on outside ATM . It velcrow to the back of the van and it covered the ATM and in the back it had 2 poles . I still have the one I used when I was hit. I am sure there are a few NCR guys who read these would remember them.

    • I hear ya. I had high blood pressure when i worked for ncr. Now my blood pressure back to normal and is having a more rewarding career.

    • "Sometimes Be Awakened from a dead sleep"???How about every night you are on call! That's the way it was the last 10 years I was there. But in the 70's, 80's, and part of the 90's it was not nearly as bad. We had NO WALMART and we also had good managers and a company that new your name.

    • Not too sure having the life of working as CE is worth it unless you are single because you will always be away from your family. It's a good first job, but I can't imagine anyone doing it for so many years if you want to raise a family. You will need to work very late and sometimes be waken from a dead sleep.

    • Why do you feel it necessary to open your life story to these people? To much twitter and face book I guess.

    • I thought they used the company car to block other cars from entering the work area of the drive up atms? I've never seen any tents in front of the work area before. That is pretty crazy.

    • The story is completely too unforgettably I take the following meds Morphine pump installed in my right side Lycra Skelaxin
      lamitral klopin Risperdal zoloft and about 5 others I cannot spell. I was working on a outside ATM with my NCR tent that covers you while working on outside ATMs and a lady in a full size van crashed into it running me over .
      I spent 7 years on Submarines I was on USS Andrew Jackson SSBN619 USS Stonewall Jackson SSBN 634 I was a IC2 (SS) when I got out and gave up my rotation to shore duty due to a headhunter got me a great job with NCR and was great when it was ATT GIS then sucked when it went back to NCR . I worked for NCR 9.5 years and was a senior tech in my district.
      I could not sue NCR and did sue the lady who hit me and her insurance paid me 100k and she filed bankrupt so I got nothing else . Bad part in NY any money you get from a lawsuit from a accident while working goes to workers comp . So that means they stop my workers comp up until all that money is used up . So I got nothing and my layer got 1/3 so he was the only one who made money . I am on long term disability from NCR and another thing that sucks is the stopped my family insurance because I made a late payment . I have been fighting now 2 years and no luck. I started as a retail tech then NCR made us become retail and financial.
      When I worked for NCR I had a great boss for 4 years he even let me work from home to stay with NCR then he went to North Carolina and I got a ok boss then he moved up and I got a really bad one I can not mention his name but if I did I am sure a lot of guys would know how bad he was . He told me work 100 or your fired . My docs wrote me a letter This patient is total disabled for the rest of his life . I then called HR and wen on short term disability the after 6 months Long term and was let go. Any more info you need let me know.

    • Where you getting your information and a link please? If you can't provide that, then you have no credibility.

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