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  • suriah1 suriah1 Feb 24, 2012 9:49 PM Flag


    Thank god I left the company years ago. I now enjoy a raise every year and other benefits that mean more than bogus metrics. NCR was great company at one time but they keep tring to re invent the wheel. eg: New Ceo/manager says "lets cut or eliminate 1,2,3" but, when 1,2,3 don't work they just throw more money at it to try and make it work. Ask the Ce's for ideas. I had plenty of ideas but a douchbag Jeromy Thacker would not listen to them because he said he was going to the top at all cost. He didn't care who he stepped on or over. He is a little weasle that trys to intimadate managers and CE's.

    The other problem is they have metrics that the CE's fabricate. Any CE that makes his numbers legitamately is lying. If you miss 1 sla, you would have to generate 7 calls to make the numbers the company wants you to make. Think about it. Thats 7 scanner glasses cleaned, or 7 card readers cleaned. Or some other bogus repair. If the CE's are cheating the numbers just think what the managers are reporting and on top of that just think of what the company is reporting.

    Just my 2 cents!!

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