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  • xtp20gr xtp20gr Mar 1, 2013 8:56 AM Flag

    Union Vote passed

    Looks like the CE's up in Canada finally grew a spine and voted in a union. Shorthy after their leader KM departed NCR to pursue other opportunities outside of NCR. Do I hear a rally cry USA! USA! USA!

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    • Is this vote for BC only, or right across Canada?

    • I worked for NCR for 10 years . I started as retail them 5 years later both. I started 1 year before AAT bought it and made it ATT GIS . That was a great time for NCR then the bottom fell out and it became NCR again.
      I got lucky and got transferred to NYC . Man was that great like nigh and day . All UNION down there.
      Then I got transferred back upstate and then it was #$%$ again . I am disabled from NCR bad accident .
      If I got hurt down in NYC as bad as I did . I would have had it made now NCR workers comp nickles and dimes . I pray that guys in the USA grow some balls and vote the union in. But I can bet top dollar as I have been where the union vote was taken and it never passed . NCR would send good old boys to the area where the union votes to be taken and the talked the union down. I remember them saying we would lose all our medical insurance and pensions . Sine there are more older guys working for NCR they were scared to lose the pension. I also know some guys in Canada and boy are they happy. Some were told they would lose things to but they did the right thing.
      Sorry for talking so much its the Morphine that controls my pain.

    • good deal. it's better for the company. i've learned first hand ncr management are a bunch of idiots. they would rather use the at will clause to fire you to save their own skin. they don't care about what's good for the company

      Sentiment: Strong Sell

    • Yay for Canada, USA NEEDS to be next!!!!!

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