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  • gettuppig gettuppig Apr 2, 2013 4:02 PM Flag

    Bfcf 10 K T Panick other take.

    Very complexed reporting because of the bxg merger.. Key issue is the increase in per share earnings,and the recent sale of holdings...if BBX is a buy this one should be it is the majority holder of BBX and BXG and the earnings look great...Need Mr Wizard to understand it. ..Could not locate a Book value like bbX s 10 k but bfcf stole bxg and got internal financing ,so they pay the interest to the L man....Nice jump = AM but it pulled back Maybe the liability of bxg being financed is weakening book potential... ..Bought this AM,,, the 10 k shows all rockets go..T and Panick and others Your takes. ,CO should get attention..Co website had no pumping press releases. go figure