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  • kevinvests kevinvests Aug 27, 2013 2:32 AM Flag

    Turbo is disgustingly bad: off theaters after 3 weeks

    This was suppose to be the new release that will carry Q3 and Q4 revenue. Besides rentals and nickels and dimes from Nickelodean, what else will contribute to Q3 and Q4? Disaster is waiting to be announced and this stock is trading at 2 years high, even with the best movie lineups like Kung #$%$ Panda and How to Train your Dragons, this company had difficult time climbing over 20. Now with disasterous outlook; management sold junk bonds to manipulate stock price. Nice business model. They had to print money to make this manipulation lasted this long.

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    • I'm afraid your diligence is a tad bit off so I'll correct some information for you. Turbo, is still playing in 400+ theatres and it made 600k+ this weekend. For your information, Fox likes to keep its movies out there a long time. It actually still has Croods still playing in 60+ theatres and it made 40k+ this weekend. I think you are trying to write the obit for Turbo way to soon, IMO. The movie has barely hit the overseas market and the merchandising on the movie is doing better than usual for a DWA movie according to this article (Google search criteria: "Why the Fart Blaster Is Hollywood's Hottest Toy of the Summer ").

      I don't think anyone is saying Turbo will turn around and be a huge success or something like that but just maybe there won't be a write down or the write-down won't be as bad as some are predicting.

      Do you realize that even if DWA was manipulating the stock in some way that it could only buyback $150,000,000 worth of stock. That's 7,500,000 at 20/share for seven days. The stock price has been on the climb for longer than seven days so something else is at play here. I held shares in this stock from 26 way way back and sold at 40'ish and switched to DIS and haven't looked back. I think this is a fine company and the future for it is bright especially when "How to train you Dragon 2" comes out next year. This company will be bought out most assuredly, it is up to Katz to decide when he wants to sell. He is not going to give away the company for nothing. I think Fox or Time Warner will buy out this company eventually.

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      • zero fundamental rally means: management/wall street crooks are using 401k and borrrowed cash from junk bonds which are not their own money and walked it up to trap longs and calls, they then sold their shares and shorting at the peak using their own cash to profit for themselves.

      • It's disgusting the way management has manipulated this up from low 20's based zero fundamentals. They are out of borrowed cash now; they need to sell another round of junk bonds , maybe 20% interest rate may get a buyer and continue to manip;ulate against heavy debts and weak fundamentals.
        If you think a brand new movie making 600k/wk, after 3 weeks, you are in complete denial. If you think pps of over 20 is justifiable for this company you are in denial. I will be shocked if this stock can hold 20 after Q3 announcement. Q4, you will get in in the teens, maybe single digit of "me and my shdow" bombs.

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