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  • MINCE38 MINCE38 Apr 27, 2004 2:35 PM Flag

    Something wrong is going on....

    I bought this puppy at 36 after seeing that insiders own 70% of float. But maybe we are being hoodwinked. Could this be another Enron. Nobody ,but nobody dumps stock after a 20% divvy is announced. This stock should have been up at least 15% on that news if not 30% or more! I am sick at having lost so much already and I also am the sad owner of NFI another stock that has 39% earnings growth and was cut in half in 3 weeks!!! There is something very wrong. The only reason I am not jumping out just there is very low volume today. Maybe the market makers are playing games. What if the earnings report comes out rosy and the stock still plummets. Will anyone start to think maybe they are fudging the numbers? I mean....that neeeeeeeeeeever happened before, right? -( This is just too irrational.

    Ahhhhhhhhh, its sickening. We guess ,and they know. Either this stock is the biggest bargain in our lives right now or the biggest trap. No in between,. feels like shooting dice to me. As the author of rich dad poor dad says in his book......."the poor and middle class buy stock, the rich sell it!" Anyone wanna start a co.??? Hmmmmmmmmm....

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    • ...well you bought at one of the recent peaks and this stock is now consolidating after a tremendous run up - it is a long term prospect and I would take advantage of this drop on no news to average down... hang in there!

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      • This stock is an ADR, i.e. its price is indexed
        to its price in Istanbul exchange. The downward move is due to the overall sentiment in Turkish markets. Plot ^XU100 vs TKC to see
        what I'm saying. Turkish markets are going through rough times due EU related discussions.
        I say there will be a run up pretty soon, definitely before the end of Summer. If you want to recoup your losses I would wait a couple of months. I can't tell if there will be a gain on top of that in the short term. Long term (1-2 years) the stock has upward potential, to $45-50.

    • ...well this stock has had a tremendous run up, but is now consolidating and is definately a long term prospect - I suggest that you average down on the big drops, especially if they are on no news. Its just bad luck that you bought at one of the peaks, but hang in there...

    • I sold my shares for now..chart indicates a broken stock,,,..the chart is terrible and in most cases this does not recover to go elsewhere in the meantime and then possibly return later. Disappointment ..I agree.

    • I think its the uncertainty regarding Iran and the immense size of the $$$$$ appropriated to deal with Turkish phone co. and treasury..look at tyhe size of the potential payouts for settling. Obliterates the earnings if it goes the wrong way.

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      • Hi Borne,

        The co states it has put aside enough money for litigation. How could it wipe out earnings? And why would they declare a 205 divvy with that possibility? I CANT FIGURE IT OUT. Hmmmmmmmmmm..... I will hold unless it goes under 25. I pray the low of 26.30 today was the bottom. As I said before..."we guess and they know." I wish I owned my own publicly traded co. I am am ex-broker and tried to convince my clients for years to do it with me but they were all too lazy to do the research. Even mob guys have been quoted as saying that the stock market is really just a license to print money. How can anyone who lived past the 90's debacle/bubble and seeing what we are seeing now disagree?

        Its nice when you have a co that has no earnings and you can still pay your self a huge salary and millions in free stock options ever year. There are CEO's who lose 30-40m in a year and pay themselves almost that much. Its a sweet country if you are on the right side.

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