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Turkcell Iletisim (TKC) Message Board

  • myownboss8 myownboss8 Apr 7, 2005 12:29 PM Flag

    Wake Up People! 100% dividend.

    Awaits you if you buy this. I can't see how anyone can lose! CBS Marketwatch had the news last night 50% cash and 50% stock dividend.

    Go get it before I buy some more.

    Or let me know why you wouldn't buy.


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    • Now you see........
      They are starting again.........

      I think someone from yahoo needs to do some investigating on this guy....

      He really has issues.

    • >I am missing something.

      investors are looking forward..

    •'re not missing something.

      There are several who have been posting on this board as of late that seem to have real issues with TeliaSonera along with Turkcell.
      I think it is more an attempt to discredit TeliaSonera.
      I haven't been posting anymore as it seems to trigger even more erratic and foolish responses by those few.

      Wishing you the best!

    • I am missing something.

      Subscribers jumped from 16M to 24M, in about 18 months... it does not take a math genius to see that this is a big increase not a decrease...

      Prepaid issue is just customer and market preference, to do more with culture and particular economics.

      It would be nice if someone posted the churn rate for TKC but I doubt if it is high. They are the Verizon of that market, multiplied by two. Their competition if far far behind and some are in deep troubles of their own...

      It is a very young population, developing country, economy stabilized, surrounded by countries with populations that are hungry for growth... so, I say one of us is missing something from this picture. Possibly, we are not even looking at the same picture...

    • Expect tourists and business travellers. You can find sim card sellers almost at any bigger international airports. But I am not very interested in hearing how the tourists are using their sim cards. Most probably they will throw away their cards when they leave the country if not collecting the cards as souveniers. More or less I was interested in the way how Turks use those prepaid services in order to know how easily they can change the mobile phone operator. It looks like Turkcell is not very concerned about the rapid decrease in the number of the customers. Thus an investor may rest in peace in this regard.

      Many thanks for an informative message.

    • Okay. What am I missing here? Looks like a screaming buy. Is it a scam? Are they saying they "may" do the 100% dividend just to drive up the price and later say they changed their minds?

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