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  • dolphinamica1 dolphinamica1 May 18, 2008 1:44 PM Flag

    Hey flvespeed

    You never know who you’re going to find in a Turkish telephone company! Does your wife know you are here? Ha!

    I recognized your UN from CGMFX message board. I got TKC from a Yahoo stock screening search I did while looking for a growth stock under $20. When I saw your post I found out I already own it! (or at least I did according to my last guru search)

    I guess you are piggybacking some of KH’s holdings. I’ve given some thought to this and am still debating the issue in my mind. On one hand, “I already own it so why buy more,” and the other, “what’s wrong with more of a good thing.”

    On the positive side, hey, if I found a company like TKC on my own and saw value in it, and then found out the The Master bought it too, then why not piggyback the stock.

    On the negative side, (and this actually happened) I bought WFR at $76, not knowing that it was in my CGMFX portfolio. Three days later I took a $13 a share haircut (un-realized) when their Pasadena, TX machines broke down. The stock is back to $72, but the point is that if I had not bought it, that $13 a share haircut would have been absorbed in the overall diversification of CGMFX.

    Your thoughts?

    Do you think piggy-backing KH would be a good subject for the CGMFX message board?

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    • That's pretty much the approach I've taken, I like stocks that KH has recently added - TKC, Aluminum, Steel as well as the Brazlian banks. KH also substantially increased his position in TKC during the first quarter. I hold VIP, PBR and recently added MTL. Even though Ken is highly concentrated, he still keeps well under 10% in each security, so adding 'side bets' has worked out as an alpha kicker for me. KH is one of the best stock pickers in the world, so I trust his selections better than mine. TKC is a gold mine, just walk through the latest report. WFR is dangerous, the solar space is getting crowded- KH also sold out last quarter.

      As an aside, I don't post on the CGMFX board anymore- it's become a freak show.

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