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  • propanesmart2003 propanesmart2003 Aug 6, 2005 10:34 AM Flag

    Can someone explain...

    plainspoken wrote "I guess I just dont see how cost savings and streamlining can be seen as a negative."
    Here is what plainspoken is not telling you.
    As part of these cost savings and streamlining, they do not have the personnel now to be able to do the basic work.
    - Customer tanks are not getting painted, and in many cases nasty-looking tanks are being set for new customers.
    - There are literally thousands upon thousands of tanks at customer homes that need to be picked up as a result of losing customers. Soem of these tanks have been at the customer's home for years waiting for pickup.
    - Trucks are not being fixed for the most part and certainly not painted. So much for customer image.
    - No new trucks are being bought anymore to replace the junkers.
    - Very little service work is getting done anymore because of a lack of time, money and experienced people, and as a result problems found on customer installations are either not fixed or ignored.
    - Many safety programs have been done away with and a majority of safety managers terminated.
    - Many forklift cylinders are not being fixed and are just recycled back into the mix.

    This is just a few examples and I think these could all be seen as negatives. Is this any way to run things? Will these services come back when FG gets healthy? And in the mean time how many customers will be lost and how bad will FG's reputation get in the propane world? Investors need to know ow thinhgs are being run and if we are really on the right path. Tell me if I am wrong, plainspoken.

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