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  • As a general rule, the amount of return from a stock is based on the risk involved. Ferrellgas distribution is about 9%. Other MLP's give a lower amount due to less risk. The amount of debt carried by FG is higher, therefore more risk to the partners. This is not because of the new system, employees let go, or excellent management(???), although these things are a factor.

    This stock trades more like a bond than a stock. So don't expect to see it rise very soon. As interest rates rise, the large exposure that FG has to debt may become a burden.

    My concern with this company is the loss of customers. Gallons are down around the tune of 80m to the previous 12 months, about 7.1%. Partly due to warm weather, but the other major players Amerigas and Heritage are only down 2 and 3%.

    As to rising on the Fortune 1000 chart, this is only a reflection of gross revenue, not profit. Raise prices from an average of 1.20 per gallon to over 2.00 per gallon and revenues wil rise.

    FG is currently grossing $171,517 per employee, much more than competitors. I don't see where the upside to this stock can be much more. I am holding for the next distribution, then letting go.

    For the record, I am a former Manager with Fg, but am not a hater, just realistic.

    To you "players" out there, if you were the type of people in my company, I would be not only disappointed, but highly embarrassed. Do you actually have the type of mentality toward your former employees as you show on this board?
    When I worked for FG I had the highest repect for the job done by my drivers and Csr's. You could probally take a lession from most of them.

    I would like any intelligent opinions on where this company is headed. Please no lyrics.

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    • "We have some good prices to offer now though at least here in our state. People are signing up."

      Yea, but what about your existing customers, is the price they pay going up even higher to maintain margin?????

    • Thanks bupaneman. I know what you mean on pricing, we have pushed price hard to. We have some good prices to offer now though at least here in our state. People are signing up. Should help next year. Maybe somebody is starting to listen.

    • Actually,our SCGM is very well aware of what is taking place,as I and all others who are concerned, speak with him each week about what is taking place during our weekly safety meetings.He is appreciative of the informatiion we as fellow workers and the ladies who converse with customers on the phone,relay to him.He acknowledges ,and agrees with us ,he simply has to do what he is told to do as regards pricing.
      Hopefully,in time we to will be able offer competetive pricing.By the way LP DRIVA,its refreshing to here from a fellow employee that I can relate to.I certainly appreciate your reply,and your ability to not attack the "messenger".
      Often times some who post here have the tendency to deviate from reasonableness and because they cannot refute the truthfullness of what some of us post on this site,they simply "attack" the messenger,rather than present facts that back up ther claims.

    • bupaneman,
      Never posted here before but read these often. I'm not experiencing the same things you are. We have recently been given the green light to go get new customers and sell all we can. In fact they are offering some good carrots if we pick up new gallons. You say you have several trailer loads of tanks. Where are they? We are going to need them I think.

    • Playa,
      I do beleive you smiffed a little to much mercaptin.

    • You miss the point. It doesn't matter if what you are saying is true or not. What matters is that you are a cowardly traitor. You are the lowest common denominator of smegma slime known to mankind.

      When you talk to your manager, do you tell him/her that you post anti-company propaganda on the FGP message board? No you don't. Because you are a coward. Instead you hide in the shadows like a rat and come out only when you feel it is safe. What a pussy!!!!!

      You are all for growth & profit because that is how you make your living?? Liar. You are not bright enough to make your living any other way than the most menial of labor. There is no shame in working for a living but there is when you are a slithering coward that bites the hand that feeds him because he is too stupid to do something else.

      You know better than anyone else that what I am saying about you is true. So do the other readers on this board. The shame you must feel.

    • Yet again,the ravings of a lunatic.My guess is that you do not work for FGP,or else you would realize the truth for what it is.
      Oh yeah,what about your growth numbers?I do not believe you posted them,now did you?
      I do not hate FGP,in fact,I am all for growth,and profit,for you see that is how I make a living,and have been for many years with FGP.
      How long have you been working for FGP?

    • Tell you what bupaneman, you truly are disgraceful. It is one thing to get on this board and talk hate as an EX that has an axe to grind. But to talk hate as a current employee, and actually get into detail that borderlines violating your employee agreement, is absolutley pathetic.

      You actually work for a company you hate? What kind of worthless piece of dung are you? Hopefully your manager knows how pathetic you are and is planning to get rid of you. Or maybe someone already has an idea who you are from your idiotic ravings on this board. I bet so.

      If the company is so bad and you are so good why don't you work where you are happy? I know the answer. Because you are an idiot that has a hard time getting hired. Somehow you got through the cracks here and have been able to hang on. Your manager should be fired for hiring you or keeping you. I could smell your poor performing ass a mile away. Sickening. You are the kind of degenerate that works at a job as a hater and closet poster. You make me want to vomit.

      Look over your shoulder Hata.

    • Monday morning my dispatcher is to give me a new list of tank pick up orders,as I have almost completed the last list.Our SCGM wants us to utlize a fork lift and begin double stacking our tanks since we are running out of room to store them,he is new to the propane industry and feels that this is normal activity[that activity being:hauling tanks back to our tank yards].
      We will have several trailer truck loads ready for you folks who are growing to come get.
      MR.Mofo,MR.Playa,let us know where you want these tanks delivered to and we will make arangements to have transport fix you up[just kidding].

    • I do beleive you are correct when you state FGP is not picking up tanks, driving around this area that statement is quite true, because FGP tanks are setting everywhere and other companies have replaced them. If FGP is growing anywhere they could build one great operation by putting all the steel than is setting around to work at little cost.

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