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  • usedtobetrublu usedtobetrublu Jan 9, 2008 5:20 PM Flag

    Price gouging

    Ferrellgas is selling gas in our area for $3.60/gal. when most of the local competition is around $2.10/gal. Cost at the terminal is around $1.60/gal. today, which would put F-gas at $2.00/gal. gross margin. Does anyone have to wonder why they are losing so much business........go figure!

    Also heard that the sale to Amerigas talks are back on, maybe wanting to prop up the numbers for the sale.....

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    • Gotta just let them learn for themselves trublue, their blind 2 what is going on around them, truth hurts u know.

    • I find it interesting that Ferrellgas let's an employee read the message board during the day and that you are so enraged that you use the work day to respond. Maybe Ferrellgas should let YOU go. Seems you don't have enough to keep you busy. If they kept all of you productive and off the message boards then maybe they could raise the distribution for the first time in 15 years.

    • urnone2bright and usedtobetrublu are both ex employee’s that have a sad grievance against Ferrellgas, as you can tell by there comments on this Financial Board. The reason they were let go is plainly clear. These are individuals that have a problem with change, and have tunnel vision. They can’t let go! How would you like to have these two individuals working @ your company, always bitching! (like they do here). Congrats to Ferrellgas on dumping these two low lifes. urnone2bright and usedtobetrublu also have a sad realization that Ferrellgas is all they had in life and now it’s gone. Now these two post their anger @ Ferrellgas, and probably have new jobs asking weather people would like paper or plastic. Boys, and I mean Boys, because men would not have this type of anal retentive problem with losing their jobs. Men would have moved on and not post Crap on a (did I mention this) Financial Board! Get over it, move on and get a life. If bashing Ferrellgas is all you have in your life, urnone2bright and usedtobetrublu are pathetic. No wonder you where fired. There are thousands of people with familes that work for Ferrellgas and all urnone2bright and usedtobetrublu can do is bash it with lies, Do the two idiots care, No!

    • So let me get this straight: The thing that you predicted was going to happen, then predicted wasn't going to happen, is now going to happen again? I am all aquiver at your astute business observations.

      I'll be you're fun at parties -- "I would both like and not like another cocktail weenie." "Would you like to dance and sit down?" "I think the Patriots are going to win...and lose."

    • What is your opinion on the APU buy? Who would be controlling the new combined company?

    • Average LP prices are much closer to $3 to $3.5 in most Southern States and LIC cost much closer to $1.70.

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