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  • bonkthegrups bonkthegrups Apr 26, 2012 2:49 PM Flag

    Reloading on puts

    Thank you bags for driving the price back up to the point where shorting and buying puts is again a no-brainer.

    Have a great afternoon.

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    • Guys
      The bonk ain't the bad guy here. He is stating the obvious. I have been long fgp for 12 years and made a boatload of money. But the downside risks of management non performance are huge. The company is levered to the gills that is a fact. They might pull a rabbit out of the hat, could happen. If they do not they are toast. It is just not a long side play right now. The money is to be made on the shortside. If the facts change then the trading strategy changes. I am short at 18.6 closing price on last x div date. Sold 12.5 puts at 40 cents to pick up cash this month as I believe fgp will pay the 50 cents next time around. I will go long on that news and again sell at close of business nite b4 x div. It is an easy trade why fight it?
      Seriously, these guys could be eating their young by this summer. Filling 5 gallon bar-b-que
      bottles is not going to save them. Why be so loyal on the long side? They do not deserve it. If they pull it out I will be head cheer leader. Until then make some money on the punishment.

    • And the Bonkmeister breathes a sigh of relief

    • By the way, if one attends a university and receives credits towards a degree at that university then one can be considered educated by that university.I will waste no more breath on you. You go on ignore.

    • Yuo obviously want to make this personal. Do you have the fortitude to reveal your identity or do you want to stay in hiding? My posts are just for fun. Yours are malicious.

    • I don't have to explain anything to you girlieboy.

    • "O master, please teach me. "

      Oh Tim, I'll teach you if you can explain how one is "Harvard educated" but doesn't have a degree from Harvard. How does that work?

    • "Please try to bring down the pps to 10 or somewhere there so I can double my holdings."

      Well I have no control over the price but my guess is we'll see close to your $10 price this year. It might actually be a hold at that price if they can stabilize.

      I'm looking forward to Creamcream's rantings on the matter.

      Have a good weekend - you seem to have a good sense of humor.

    • What did you buy and at what price? Cat got your tongue bsboy?

      • 1 Reply to creamcream400
      • "What did you buy and at what price? Cat got your tongue bsboy?"

        Not at all there Creamy. I mentioned before I own 17.50 puts that I bought for 1.50. Current bid/ask is 3.50/4.00. So even if I hit the bid that's 2.4X my money over the course of 2 months.

        So let's see, I am up 140% in 2 months, and you are down 15%, and you are the one dancing with glee?

        LOL - classic bagholder behaviour - lose 30%, then start strutting when you get back to down 15%.

        As to what I've just loaded up on - I choose not to tell you - how do you like them apples?


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