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  • zoomlik zoomlik Nov 8, 2000 11:08 PM Flag

    mktparty -- do you know which clecs are

    rvsn customers (rvsn claims to have over 350 customers)? and do you know what % rvsn rev come from these clecs?

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    • I was doing the ,arket/industry stuff first
      before I looked at each company in particular. I did
      just get a bunch of stuff on the individual comapnies.
      I'll take a look. I think however that these guys are
      lower on the ffod chain. They supply Tier 1 equipment
      suppliers rather than the CLECs directly. Lucent and Nortel
      for example. 90% sure thats the case.

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      • i'm trying to go to their web site and i think it
        is messed up

        i think you are saying that food
        chain is

        1. clecs buy (voip stuff) from csco,
        nt, ...
        2. csco, nt, .. buy (voip) from rvsn, audc

        so if clecs demand drops then so will demand for
        rvsn products

        i think the drop in pmcs, brcm
        stem from csco's message that demand for broaband
        products are slowing. Is it the CLECS effect?

        did say that the fastest growing segment is voip.
        granted this is a small section of CSCO rev. but that is
        a large # for RVSN, ...