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  • ATI_PFE ATI_PFE Apr 28, 2011 2:47 PM Flag

    My Take


    Are you a relative of hers?

    This company certainly has value but that does not matter to the Street. What matters is the "perceived" value.

    Otherwise, all stocks would have the same PE Ratio according to their value. Is Netflix properly valued at at 70-80 PE? Heck no. But the Street loves the stock.

    BLC doesn't even have a standard 15 PE. Not with her focus on the negatives. It is a drag to the stock now and quite possibly in the future as well.

    Still hoping for the best...


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    • Not related. Just an investor whose money has more than quadrupled with BLC!

      No management is perfect, but I, for one, like conservative. These guys are head and shoulders better than SBGI or TVL imho.

      Of course they will review the divvy policy going forward. Good grief, they announce it one day and you guys are compalining about how low it is the next! Ever heard about pigs getting screwed...?

      If your nonsense posts help drive the price down then we will just see more stock leaving weak hands. A silver lining I daresay.

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      • Firstoff, nothing posted on this message board drives the stock up or down. You need to re-read belobuster's post. We are not complaining about the dividend. We are complaining about the CEO's answer to the dividend question. BTW, I already have over $200K in the bank from profit on BLC just in 2011.......Dunia cost me about another $100K yesterday. DaninFW

      • If you want to be a braggart, I made a 1200% profit on my original buy-in price of $1.00 with SBGI. (I made a lot more on trades all the way up to $12.60).

        I don't make DANINFW money but I'm working on it. :-)

        I buy stocks on the cheap when I think earnings will exceed estimates and the stock price hasn't yet caught up to those future earnings. BLC delivered but the CEO did not.

        I realize that there is an opportunity cost when a stock should be going up (along with the rest of the market) but is not. I could have invested in something else in the short term that actually would have made me money. I've bought fifteen stocks this week on earnings and have made a killing on twelve of them. I should have made money on RCKY and TMK was my only one of the fifteen that missed estimates.

        I'm still up on BLC (I posted my buy-in price on this board) but I should be up more.

        Hopefullly, you are correct that this is yet another buying opportunity. I sold 1/3 of BLC at the open yesterday and bought it back at $8.22 today. It's already down to $8.19 so time will tell.

        Frustrated yet hopeful...


    • It's indeed sad that BLC was $1-2 higher than SBGI for almost 2 years........then SBGI done what management is supposed to do.......deliver value to shareholders. If I had to guess, Dunia is setting this company up for a takeover by management. By intentionally keeping it below fair value and reducing debt she can go out in about a year and borrow every penny to steal this company from us. Is that the plan? DaninFW

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      • That has been my fear all along. That a PE firm steps in and takes them out on the cheap. Remember Dunia is not calling the shots. It's the CEO of A.H. Belo, Deckard. He has the controlling interest. As someone who works in the credit markets, the company has NO problem raising capital and pushing out their debt. They can do it at anytime and dictate terms. The credit markets are that hot at the moment.


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